Chapter 4
The susunod day, Nicole and Brad met up at the park. They were on lunch break for the movie that they were starring in: Thursday the 12th and it was Thursday the 12th! That sounded like a nice joke to them, but really it meant that tomorrow, Friday the 13th, was going to be an unlucky araw for them.
"So let me get this straight," sinabi Brad, thinking that Freddy wasn't real, "Casey and Robert both killed themselves in strange ways! So the rest of us might kill ourselves. We have to avoid this "suicide force."
"Seriously?" asked Nicole. "Suicide?! Have you Nawawala your mind?! Robert's head was slashed off, Casey was slaughtered, no dangerous tools in their houses were covered in blood, and you call it suicide? Wow!"
"Don't start saying that you actually are believing this Freddy Krueger crap," Brad retorted. He tried to convince himself that he wasn't real, but he couldn't completely resist it.
"Sup guys. What're you doing?" Johnny asked.
"Talking about our dead friends. I think Freddy got to them," sinabi Nicole. "I'm not sure, but last night, I saw a creepy burnt man."