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not bad simon... not bad... or should i say... not good... not good at all XD
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Adventure Time Theory: Finn's past,Part 2

Finn awakens in a blinding white room. He rubs his eyes,sitting up and looking around. *This is way too clean to be my house...* Finn thinks,trying to figure out where he is. He hears a monitor beeping beside him and sees an IV tube in his arm. "I must be in the hospital...." Finn says aloud,shaking his head slightly. "That you are correct about young man..." A doctor says,taking off his gloves and wiping sweat off his forehead. "You just got out of surgery...." he says,smiling warmly. "surgery? oh that's right....when Bruce Tromo and Trani jumped me...
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Disclaimer: I don't own any character, name, place or whatever mentioned in this story, everything belongs to Cartoon Network, and Pendlenton Ward. And THIS IS SERIOUSLY NOT MY STORY.

Adventure Time: The Awakening of Heroes!

I: The Gathering

Tale 1: A usual beginning!

Inside BMO's screen…

Two warriors stare at each other waiting for their fight to begin. The announcer starts the count: "3 – 2 – 1…GO!" The warrior on the left, an 8-bit ninja, makes the first ilipat and starts running towards his enemy, an 8-bit pirate with a big black hat.

"WOW! This battle has become an explosive display of...
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