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So there's this guy who I used to be mga kaibigan with but he became way too clingy LITERALLY! So I stopped talking to him and he kept trying to get my attention but he soon gave up. Now he's all over my best mga kaibigan and I want him to leave them alone. How can I tell him to leave them alone without making my mga kaibigan mad at me and not making him refuse to listen to me?
 CREDDIECHANNY posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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payo Sagot

Chibi-Baka3 said:
Yeah... Not too fun when someone migrates over to your mga kaibigan instead, eh?

I have that sort of problem, except this guy isn't annoying and he wasn't bothering me; it's my friend's ex, and he won't get away from her. Just being around him makes her feel bad, or maybe I should say "worse" since she has some depression.
All in all, I understand how you're feeling and I go through things like that too.

I can understand that you want him to leave your best mga kaibigan be, but I think that's madami of their decision. I say that because of two things: first off, if they don't mind him being around them, then that's fine. Second, when you put down "making my mga kaibigan mad at me", it makes me think that they actually enjoy their company. If this is the case, then I don't believe you should interfere. If this isn't, I still think that you should talk to your mga kaibigan about this little "problem" and see what you come up with. This doesn't mean "devise some plan" to ruin his life, embarrass him, etc. I mean actually sit down and talk about it, and then communicate with him and tell him how you all feel.

Let's say that your mga kaibigan want to be around this guy. Seeing as you don't like him so much, I think that you should talk to your mga kaibigan and work something out. For an example, maybe they could hang out with him at a time where you're not around, so that you don't feel so annoyed. If this still doesn't work out for you, think to yourself that he's at least not bothering you. And that he's not doing anything mean to your friends.

We'll go for another scenario here for the heck of it: let's say that your mga kaibigan got together and talked about it. You all go and talk to this guy, but he still doesn't leave you alone. What do you do? I would suggest doing the same as you did: just ignoring him. I wouldn't suggest anything like "getting even" with him; no one needs to stoop down to any levels. Deal with situations maturely and calmly, and remember to be patient. Let not a single person yell, complain, whine, etc. It sounds like something a parent would say, but it really does make things worse if you do so.

Good luck to you, and feel free to ask any other tanong that you may have.
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posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas 
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