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There are literally thousands of Alan Rickman fans, and why not? He’s a great actor, constantly supports charities, has a great accent, and to tuktok it off he’s sexy. Alan Rickman is one of Britain’s finest actors. His pagganap ability is amazing, though you don’t see him in a lot of pelikula because he prefers to do plays. Alan Rickman is probably best known for his part as Snape in the Harry Potter movies, but he’s done other pelikula that are just as good, such a Die Hard and Robinhood: Prince of Thieves. With all those Alan Rickman fans out there, there has to be some great gift ideas, right? Being an Alan Rickman tagahanga myself, I am always looking for Alan Rickman merchandise and have come up with a tuktok ten listahan on the best gifts to give Alan Rickman fans.

1. Autograph. This is a wonderful gift for any Alan Rickman fan. You can always send a letter and request an autograph, but there are also several sellers on EBay who have these autographs available. Just be sure that the auction, doesn’t say that the autograph is a copy and always check the feedback of the seller.

2. The Return of the Native Audio Book. You might be wondering why you should buy this gift for an Alan Rickman fan. Well, it’s simple. This book is read sa pamamagitan ng Alan Rickman. One of the greatest things about Alan Rickman is his voice; this is what drives his fans crazy. Any Alan Rickman tagahanga would pag-ibig to have this book, even if it’s not a genre they would normally want to read.

3. Alan Rickman aklatan Poster. As I mentioned above, Alan Rickman loves to give. He supports several charities and also tries to get the word out about good things. The proceeds of this poster go to help the American aklatan Association. There have been several of these posters done with several different celebrities, in hopes of ended illiteracy.

4. Alan Rickman Tote Bag. You can find this gift on EBay. These bags feature Alan Rickman as Snape and would make the perfect gift for any Alan Rickman fan. These tote bags could be used for school, for groceries, or just running to the aklatan to pick up some books.

5. Alan Rickman T-Shirt. When you are passionate about something, you pag-ibig to ipakita the world that passion. Any Alan Rickman tagahanga would pag-ibig this gift because they would be able to ipakita the world that they are a tagahanga of Alan Rickman.

6. Alan Rickman Sketch. These make an absolutely amazing gift. These are so well done. When I first saw these Alan Rickman sketches I knew I would pag-ibig to receive one as a gift. Any Alan Rickman tagahanga would pag-ibig to have one of these hanging on their wall.

7. Rare DVDs. Alan Rickman has only put out a few DVDs and some of them are really hard to find. Surprise the tagahanga in your life with one of these rare DVDs. Some of the rarer DVDs include Closet Land and Dark Harbor. This makes a great gift because the tagahanga might not realize that some of the pelikula exist.

8. Action Figure. After the Harry Potter pelikula were released there were several action figures also released. These action figures would make a great gift for the tagahanga in your life. They could keep it in the package as a collectible, but most will probably remove it from the packaging and place it on their mesa or TV.

9. Snape Bust. This is a gift that was produced in a limited quantity. This is such a cute gift if the tagahanga loves the Harry Potter series. These are also really realistic and look a lot like Alan.

10. Snape Wand. A lot of Alan Rickman fans fell in pag-ibig with him after seeing the Harry Potter movies. Even I discovered him after watching these films and I had seen him in several madami films, I just hadn’t noticed him before. This is a really fun gift for any tagahanga because it’s not only a collectible, but it’s a replica of the wand that Alan uses in the films.

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