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 Alice in Wonderland Line Drawings
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Source: 'Alice in Wonderland' sa pamamagitan ng T. T. Sutherland
Taken from the movie novelization.
Alice sa lugar ng kamanghaan
tim burton
johnny depp
tim burton's alice in wonderland
line drawings
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Yeah, completely random, but I thought I'd ilathala this for fun.

1. Around the bend
2. Banannas
3. Barmy
4. Bats in the belfry
5. Batty
6. Belongs in the funny farm
7. Berserk
8. Bonkers
9. Brainsick
10. Buggy
11. Cracked
12. Cuckoo
13. Daffy
14. Demented
15. Disturbed
16. Escaped from the loony bin
17. From the nuthatch
18. Goofy
19. Has a screw loose.
20. Has kangaroos in the tuktok paddock
21. Has some kinks with reality
22. In Bizzaro world
23. Loony
24. Loony tunes
25. Loopy
26. Nawawala his marbles
27. Manic
28. Mental
29. Moonstruck
30. Nutty as a fruitcake
31. Of unsound mind
32. Off his gourd
33. Off his rocker
34. Off...
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Casting auditions for 250 extras were held in the British city of Plymouth on 6th and 7th August 2008. Requirements were for people with a 'Victorian look' and for applicants to have no visible tattoos, piercings or dyed hair.

Actress Mia Wasikowska beat out several candidates for the role of Alice, including Amanda Seyfried and Lindsay Lohan, who lobbied for the role.

This film marks the 7th time Johnny Depp has worked under the direction of Tim burton and the 6th time for Helena Bonham Carter.

Principal pagkuha ng larawan of this movie took 40 days.

Despite the fact that there have been many other...
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tim burton
tagahanga made
johnny depp
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Alice sa lugar ng kamanghaan
tagahanga made
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