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posted by boltrocks2233
Jasper Park, Canada, Fall. The young alphas where getting ready to go to alpha school. Justin was practicing hunting with a rabbit. He was crouched behind a palumpong getting ready to pounce, when the rabbit saw him!, and quickly dashed away down the long mountainside. As Justin was chasing after him, Alex and Cameal where getting ready to logboard down the same hill. "Are you sure this is safe, Alex?" Cameal asked. "No, but dont worry, I was trained sa pamamagitan ng the best!" Alex replied in a confident voice. "Well go on 3." Alex said. "Okay just afew madami questions-" Alex interupted her. "3!" They both darted down the slope. Justin was still after the rabbit, it slid under a log but Justin did several flips to get over it. Alex and Cameal were bumping into this and ramming into that, Cameal was screaming for her life but Alex was having a blast! "I cant take it anymore!" Cameal shouted then jumped off the log. Alex didnt mind, she was having the time of her life how could it get any better? Justin was hot on the rabbit's tail, they where both moving through the brush so fast he barley noticed the rabbit swerve out into the open, he also barley noticed the gray lobo logbording twards him. Then...BAM, he was hit, he was now on the log with the other lobo still raging down the hill, the log hit a rock and was now spinning, it was a magical moment, the two mga lobo facing each other both for a moment never wanted it to end. As quick as the moment started it ended, Alex yelled: "Look out!" Justin turned to see they where approaching an upwards slope. The susunod thing they knew they where in the air now of the log. When they hit ground the both started laughing. "Alex!" Kate yelled. "Tell your friend goodbye, its time for dinner!" "Coming Mom!" Alex started walking away when she turned and looked at Justin. "So I guess i'll see you later then." No you wont," he replied."Im going to alpha school until spring." "Oh well, I'll see you then I guess, and sa pamamagitan ng the way, I'm Alex." "Justin." Alex started running twards Kate, Justin watched her until she was out of sight. "Alex." Justin sinabi to himself.

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posted by KingSimba4Ever9
1. The Rain dance sceen.
This sceen makes me laugh so hard! I pag-ibig it when Humphrey dances. And his pag-awit is sooo funny!

2. The Moonlight Howls.
I pag-ibig these sceens!! Expesualy the first one. I pag-ibig the segundo one too. But the first was longer and soooo beautiful.

3. The Gass station sceen.
Ha! This one is very funny too. Humphrey makes it funny. I like it when the man says, "So wolf, do you have any last wishes?" And then Humphrey.....you know. XD

4. Tony & Winston talk at the river
I pag-ibig it when these two are together! Two pack alpha leaders arguing and circuling eachother,

5. Garth and Kate Meet.
It's funny and cute. I like it when Garth howls. I think that Garth and Kate would make a great couple. (My opinion)
 "WAIT A SECOND!! AM I.........NAKED?!"
"WAIT A SECOND!! AM I.........NAKED?!"
"oh be quite zim!!" yelled the small pup. but to most of our surprized our confused faces, that pup, was nny! "awwwwww!! your sooooooo....ummm....yeah i don't know what you are!!" sinabi gir. nny was only a small pup, the machine zim made did that to him, and trust me, he didn't like the fact that he was a lobo now,his balahibo was LIGHT BROWN, his eyes were a blood red, and for some reason, he had rabies, and thats why he was outside in a cage. "just....go find some...other.. weird ...dog thing k?" sinabi zim. zim was careful to not get a sharp bite from johnny, who's small little tuta jaws were sprawled...
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*continued* meanwhile at the abandoned base of jasper.john was entering the base and checks it out inside and explore.john:ok we are going inside the base we are getting chased sa pamamagitan ng unknown creatures in the woods*bleep* kate:be careful i saw some in the bushes so keep your eyes open! john:ok i will. walks in the base and follows the arrows along the way. finally stops at a lift and starts going on it and the lift goes down.john:um ok i'm going down the lift and i see nothing yet!. john making his way off the lift and saw six aliens creatures out side of the door way. john throws a grenade at...
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It was nearing the end of finals at college and my stress point was reaching an all time high level I never thought I would see again. One day, the araw before my very last final, I snapped big time. Finally all that pent up stress caught up with me at last.
It was in the evening and Kate and I were walking across campus headed toward the cafeteria for dinner, Katie and our kids were in the room waiting for us to bring pagkain to them. We were talking casually and sharing ideas as to what we might do over the long 28 araw winter break we had to look pasulong to ahead, when all of the sudden a group...
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Name: OmegaHumphrey (Humphrey)

Animal: Wolf

Rank: Beta (Was Omega,but decided to become a Beta to help the pack and me with pups )

Mate:me of course(AlphaKate100)

Fur Color: Gray

Eye Color: Blue

Favorite Color: Black

Likes: me, his mga kaibigan in Jasper and his mga kaibigan on Fanpop, receiving blow jobs from me, music, singing, log-sledding

Dislikes: Berries,hunters,and anyone who intends to harm me and are pups

Favorite sport to watch: hockey

Names of pups: Star, Ikuto, Dex, Owen and Katie

Favorite Movies: Alpha And Omega, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, awatara (James Cameron version), I Am Number Four, the...
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posted by REDWolfleader
I was walking through the forest, trying to find a new pack since my parents died. So I was walking through the forest and suddenly I she lobo walked out.
"Who are you?" She asked me
"I'm David."
"Oh I'm Kate"
"Nice to meet you, uh do you think I could sumali your pack?"
"Well come with me we'll ask my dad."
We walked into a large clearing, and then into a den.
"Hey dad? Can David stay and live with the pack?" She asked a male wolf.
"Yes he can. David? I am Winston, Were you an Alpha or Omega in your last pack?"
"I was an Alpha, and already have been trained"I announced
"Good.Kate,you know that...
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"Often the world around us feels dark and alone, and our hearts cry out for peace, love, stillness, and joy. Yet we forget that we are always surrounded sa pamamagitan ng light and warmth and it is already ours. We just have to reach out for it."
I sinabi as I looked out among my gathered pack.
"The men fear us and our beasts because they do not understand the beast inside themselves. The savage part of them that they deny. The part that is madami like us. They cannot stand it, so they reject us and themselves. They hurt us and hunt us out of fear that is all."
As he sinabi this, a lobo ,old in the pack, approached...
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Really catchy song Artist Novaspace Song dancing into danger