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posted by Kitsune32
Ok here's Chapter 16. Hope you guys enjoy

Runt's POV

Magril and I were talking Stinky and Claudette when our parents called for us. We left Stinky and Claudette as they talked to each other. The two of us went to my parents. "Did you guys want to talk about," I asked them. "Yes, it's about the snuggling and kissing," Mom said. "Could you two try to decrease the halik and nuzzling?" "We're sorry, but we think that you two are too young for it," Dad said. "We don't mean to try to suppress your guys feelings for each other," he added with a bit of guilt in his voice. I actually understood why they were discussing about. Magril and I were still junior pups and plus Claudette and Fleet never really nuzzled or kissed. It was only when Marcel and Paddy pushed them at the Games that they kissed.

"We understand," I sinabi looked at Magril who nodding in agreement. "Sorry for snuggling too much." "There's no need to apologize honey," Mom said. "You're still young pups. Just try not to get carried away." After our discussion, we all headed back to Stinky and Claudette. They were both trying to pin each other. The two of them were always arguing on who could pin the other best. Most of the time it was Stinky who won the matches, but it seemed this time it was Claudette who came out on top... literally.

"I win, I win," Claudette said. "Yeah but at least I still have a better track record. I won four times madami than you," Stinky said. "Plus the only you won this time was because of your belly," he added poking her in the stomach. "Coming from the one with the biggest stomach," Claudette countered while picking up Stinky's belly and dropping it as it bounced. The four of us rolled our eyes as their ridiculous argument continued. Seriously, these two would fight over the silliest of things, like who got the best piece of caribou or who would snuggle the most warmest spots if mom's and dad's fur.

And they would normally end with me getting the best piece or me snuggling with my mom and dad the most. "Well at least I'm the thinnest of the two," Claudette said. "No I am," Stinky sinabi poking Claudette's belly. "If you two don't stop arguing, we'll make you two drink out of the stream until you two each are even bigger than our den," Dad sinabi 75% serious, 25% joking. "We'll behave," they both said. Magril and I both giggled quietly. Being bloated sa pamamagitan ng water was probably worse than being fat sa pamamagitan ng weight gain.

After that event, the five of us pups went outside and played with each other while my parents rested for a bit. We played games like tag and hide and go seek. After a while we stopped playing. It was nighttime and my parents for all of us to come in. "Hey guys, where you two this afternoon," Claudette asked. "Oh I was teaching Magril how to climb trees," I told her. "Hmm, how did go," Stinky asked. "I was able to run up one tree," Magril said. "But I still need to work on it." "Cool," they both said.

We got back to the yungib and our parents walked up to us. "Are any of you guys hungry," Mom asked. Once she sinabi hungry, all of our stomachs growled loudly. "We'll take that as a yes," she commented. "We'll get you guys some food," Dad said. They ran out of the yungib to get us some caribou. We started to talk about pups stuff. We were all excited for the Moonlight Howl, well everyone except for Stinky.

He seemed a little depressed for some reason. Magril and Claudette didn't notice, but it was clear as araw to me. Brothers are able to sense when the other is distraught about something. "Hey I need to use the bathroom," Stinky told us. "Claudette, Runt just tell Mom and Dad I went to pee." I knew he most likely didn't need to go, so I decided to follow. "I need to go to," I told the girls. "Boys and their bladders," Claudette said. With that I left and followed Stinky to the forest.

After a few minutos of walking, I spotted my brother. He stopped in an opening and looked up at the sky. Afterwards, he laid down and put his head on his arms. Stinky had a very depressing look on his face. There was definitely something bothering him. "So I guess you didn't really need to pee," I sinabi walking to him. "Runt what are you doing here," Stinky asked. "Well I saw something was bothering you. So I thought I should check up on you," I told him.

"Look I'm fine," he sinabi blatantly lying. "I'm the older brother here so I don't you to check on me." I rolled my eyes from his reluctance to tell me his problem. "Bro look I can obviously tell you're sad about something so just spill it," I sinabi a little annoyed. "Fine if it'll get you off my back," Stinky said. I sat down in front and laid down. "I'm all ears," I told him. He sighed loudly and finally told me what was bothering him. "I'm just worried about yours, Claudette's, and my friendship with each other.

(For dramatic effect, listen to this Youtube video: /watchv=c6uGzamJpmA)

At first I was confused about what he said, but then it hit me. "You're scared we might stop hanging out with each other," I said. He shook his head in sorrow with his eyes closed. "When you forgot to hang out with me and Claudette today, I was worried you'd be too busy with Magril to hang out with us," Stinky told me. I never knew he felt this way. "Stinky, I'm sorry I forgot," I apologized to him. "It's just that I Nawawala track of time with the visit to Princess." "It's alright, I've actually been worried about it before today," he added. "Wait for how long," I asked him very concerned.

"A araw or two after the Games," Stinky answered. "Have you notice that lately Claudette only spends less and less time with us." I guess he thinks Claudette might stop hanging out with us to spend time with us, but she would always spend with us. Maybe his fear of losing us was clouding his mind. "And what if you guys stop hanging out with Mom, Dad and me," he added. He was really scared our family would break apart. "Like what if you both decide to ilipat to the Northern Pack and the family eventually crumbles." He looked as though he may cry as his eyes got watery. Wow he was really scared of losing us.

I've never seen Stinky like this. Normally he's so confident and strong, but no one's ever seen him this vulnerable. I decided I had to calm him down. Luckily, I was able to think of what to say to him. "Stinky, you don't need to worry about our family," I told him. "No matter what happens we'll still stay in touch." "How do you know that," he asked sadly. "Well look at Dad and Uncles Shakey, Mooch, and Salty. Even after the four of them got married, they still hang out with each other," I told him. "Well you do have a point there," he sinabi wiping his eyes.

"And don't forget about Mom, Aunt Lilly, Grandma, and Grandpa," I told him. "Think about, even after Auntie Lilly moved to the Eastern Pack after she married Uncle Garth, They still keep in touch with her." "Yeah I guess you're right," Stinky sinabi in a madami happy tone. I hugged him in joy that he was out of his depression. "You see the bonds between family and mga kaibigan are strong enough to last the duration of time," I told him. "No matter how far we are from each other, we'll remember each other inside our hearts." He then gave me one of his heartwarming smiles.

"Thanks I wasn't really pagganap like myself," he said. I was glad he felt better now. "Hey we should probably head back now," I said. With that we head back got the den. When we got back, we saw our parents were already back and brought three caribou. "Geez, you must have really full bladders," Dad said. "Sorry," we both sinabi to them. "Runt what did you really do in the woods," my mom asked. "I was giving Stinky some advice," I answered. Mom gave me a huge smile. "That's great," she told me.

After we are hapunan we were ready to go to sleep. Magril and I were talking the Moonlight Howl. "So maybe afternoon the Moonlight Howl, we look at the stars for a while," Magril said. "Yeah," I replied. I looked at my brother who was already asleep. "Hey Magril maybe after we're done star-gazing, we Stinky can hang out with us," I asked her. "Actually I was hoping on introducing my friend Artemis to your brother," she said. I thought that was a good idea. "That sounds awesome," I said. We both snuggled as we fell asleep. I was happy my brother would no longer feel alone.

Ok so that was Chapter 16 people. Hope you all liked. Also I'll be working on my Balto fanfic pag-ibig in Any Shape this week. So if any wants they can check that out.

P.S. Update for Persona crossover: I'll put an explanation for Persona and mga hayop of Farthing Wood for anyone unfamiliar with both or one of the franchises.

may-akda Shout Out: Lilly Omega
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 Music Hutch listens to
Music Hutch listens to
It was a bright and beautiful araw in Jasper Park. Hutch was patrolling the boundary, an oras later he went to Winston's den.

Hutch: Sir, I have finished.

Winston: Well, then you're off the hook for today.

Hutch: Thank you sir.

After patrol Hutch would go to a mountainside or hillside, and enjoy the beautiful view of the Canadian forests. Hutch had forgotten something he was to do, but he just couldn't put his finger on it.

Hutch: Oh yeah. That's right I'm supposed to hunt with Kate, Cando and some other Eastern mga lobo that I don't even know.

Hutch went as fast as he could to the hunting party....
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Dusk POV

I was about to jump at Destin when I heard an ear-splitting cry from Acashia. "DUSK HELP ME!" She screamed as a group of mga lobo tried to drag her away. "Great! now what!" I shouted in my head, that's when I remembered the spells.

"No I can't use them yet!" I mumbled as I ran to save Acashia. "LEAVE HER ALONE YOU BAST-" I couldn't finish because I was knocked to the ground sa pamamagitan ng Destin. "GET OFF ME!" I shouted, as I struggled to get up.

"Not this time Dusk!" Destin sinabi with an evil chuckle. I was still trying to get him off when my vision started to blur and I felt my muscles grow... "Could...
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well here it is a fallen hero featuring AlphaGarth my bud well let's get started

It's been five days since our alpha hero has gone . garth was up to the job to be the alpha hero. Garth been training for four days already. "so you almost done buddy sinabi Humphrey "yep almost " then garth went running to the cliff. He did a front flip off the side of the cliff. "dang bro your getting way better'' "hehe member the first araw of training you tried to the same thing you just did now and you face planted it on the cliff" hahahaha "SHUT UP growled garth Then garth punched humphrey is hardest. " OWWW!!!...
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Everyone I know now never knew who I was back then,and this is my story,and my journey alone.My name is Connor,and I'm a lone wolf.I was told sa pamamagitan ng the husky who raised me,and was the only person there for me,and she told me that I was destined for great things.Can you believe it,I was just a pup being raised sa pamamagitan ng a husky while my pack was god knows where,and that's the thing.Only god knows.But after a few years I was old enough to leave and be on my way.I will never forget the town I grew up in,but now it's in the past and now is now,and I have to keep my cool if I want to make a name for myself...
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Hello furry mga kaibigan hope you enjoy please comment and tagahanga but enjoy

When Nathan woke up he felt that his hands were sticky with something then he remembered ( oh yeah I tryed to save Jon's life and kicked the packs butt untill I got trampled)
Nathan tryed to get up but he couldn't. When he was able to look at his hands he saw he was tied up in vines. " crap" he sinabi softly. " oh I see your awake " eve said. With Kate Humphrey and hutch susunod to her.
" you know Nathan you are really getting on my nerves " she said. " not the first person for that to happen "Nathan told her with a fake hint of...
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A mortar exploded in front of the bangka and water from the channel sprayed up and into the bangka and soaked the troops in front. and all at once it hit me......we were at war. the bangka rowers plowed the bangka right into the river bank and everyone jolted forward. the drop door slammed down into the sand and all the troops piled out onto the waste land of bodies that was the river shore. Many of the troops in the front were mowed down sa pamamagitan ng machine gun apoy coming from the buildings. Reznov, Demetri, and I all found a trench and hid there for a minuto to get a grip on the situation. we happened to...
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clap ya hands come on everybody its a party of your life we partying with Alpha & Omegas know you can't miss it.

Verse 1:
thunder the sound in the dark both hands come together in ark the light comes to life destory your strife

come on ya'll we busting the party if you want us to set it off like thunder in ark just clap it 4x set it off

Verse 2:
like [beep] what was that? i swear Pusa don't like me hatin' on our booming that everywhere , anywhere i go this little [what] ain't [whoa!] stay out may face

clap it,clap it
howl from the stereo
clap it,clap it
san canterio
Clap IT!

Verse 3
it right when boom that thunder coming haha
howling at the world greatest thing loosing our mind ha! yeah we crazy you hear that [BOOM!]

Verse 4 ; Metalwolf116
metal it, metal it
bomba up the iron
growl like lion
us mga lobo would kill it anyway
humphreys pov

cloase to winter

life is perfect i have my parents a gorgeous mate great mga kaibigan beautiful children and a marvelous place to live nothing could get beter but winters coming and soon the herds will leave and i fear we are not prepared "humphrey" kate called "coming" humphrey sinabi i walked over to kate "hey humphrey we have to go to a meeting okay" kate sinabi "okay" humphrey sinabi we got to th meeting "winter is apon us we need to start the great hunt okay we are going to do the samething we did lastt taon with the rounds okay ilipat out" garth sinabi we began the great hunt which occurs once a taon so that the pack my survive but i still tink we are unprepared "kate i have a feeling that we are unprepared for the winter this year" humphrey sinabi "why would you say that "kate asked "i dont know its just a feeling" humphrey sinabi