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kasanayan ng tagahanga
mga lobo
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words are filling up, like endless rain into a paper cup...
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i need some help for finding runt some sound
puyo puyo
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I been noticing things...
The tuta may be copied and pasted mga model from the first movie somewhere (Didn't see all?).

Daria was never a new model.

The hunters in the fifth movie is the same models.

The old lady in the fifth movie is the same model.

All from the first movie..

That could mean every other "new" character has used a model from the first movie...
Is there any new person model used in the sequels anywhere? That is my question.
The only new model I've seen was Saw Tooth cavern area probably and maybe a tiny bit of other things.

But if it's true for the character models... then everything...... was a lie.

What do you people think?
posted by RadLilly
The irresistible call of crickets slowly took off as the delightful song of the early bird began to fill the air in the fellowship of Spring's sun, which was a sign to all the creatures that the time had come to start the araw anew.

Light slowly crept across the land, as the shadows of the night retreat into the deepest holes where they would hide until they were free once madami from the repression of the sun. As the light spreads, the early bird was joined sa pamamagitan ng the immense chorus of chirps and calls which let all who could hear know it was a great araw to live.

As the light slowly spreads across...
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    I didn't ask for this. I want to go back to the way things were. My name is Trisha Abbinanti, welcome to my story.

    “Trisha, my dear, please mind your manners. Slouching is not the way an Alpha like yourself sits”. I quickly glanced at my mother and erected myself upright. “Y-yes ma’am. I apologize”. As I averted my attention pasulong once more, I could still feel her deep blue eyes trying to catch the attention of mine. We sat for a brief moment in complete silence, her eyes still embedded into my fur. She resented me, and I knew it. The...
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posted by TimberHumphrey
now, it's like mid-March and there's nothing about A&O 5 yet. no poster, no DVD cover, no official plot, no trailer, hell not even screenshots of the movie. which makes me think "what are you doing, Crest? something on the movie should've been out sa pamamagitan ng now". then, i been hearing stuff or rumors around the internet that maybe A&O 5's been pushed back to who knows when. so, does that mean there's still hope for another movie? i really hope so. i mean, A&O 4 was awesome! everybody loved it, it did great and from what i heard, the movie sold a lot, which ain't nothing. but honestly, i don't see A&O 4 as the actual ending to the franchise. why stop the franchise here? we need at least one madami movie for a real ending. so either the fifth movie's still being made, but they pushed back later this year, or they just don't wanna do it and cancelled it. i really hope it's pushed back and not cancelled.
It was months after runts uncle died
He was still depressed
But he had to go out again
To assassinate general Mon sue no
"Why don't you tell stinky your secret" Claudette asked
"It would not be a secret then now would it" Runt replied
"Are you OK" Claudette asked
"I miss him sis he was my best friend" runt replied
" I do to,I will see you later brother" Claudette said
"Maybe" runt replied
*moments later*
Runt found him self running through a tower
And he finally found his target
"You are brave" the man said
"But you can't kill me" he added
"I beg to fucking differ" runt replied
As runt ran at him
He was...
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my newest video. hope you guys enjoy :)
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It was near sunset in Jasper Park, Canada. The end of a fun-filled winter snow araw for Western pack leaders Kate and Humphrey and their large family of adolescent children and inlaws. Kate looked up at the sky, feeling snowflakes hit her face and watching the sun slowly going down. She turned her head to the right and faced her Omega pack-mate. "We better get tahanan now or Mom will pitch a fit. You know her paranoia of hypothermia and frostbite and all that shit. I mean, come one... We have fur." Kate laughed.
Humphrey chuckled and nodded. "Kate, she means well. She's just a little..." He trailed...
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Ok I promes I won't tell" Claudette said
Ok" Runt replied
dayami you two" stinky said
What do you want" Runt asked
For you to stop cussing at me" stinky said
Fuck you" runt replied
Go hug a tree" stinky sinabi harshly
Runt then punched his brother to the ground
A lot of fight for an omega" stinky mocked
Runt wrapped his hands on his brother's neck and choked him
Runt...stop" stinky begged
Runt saw blood on his hands
Oh shit bro sorry"runt said
Its Ok'' sinabi stinky

The end
Ok this was just to ipakita how strong runt is now
He will assassinate madami people later I promes
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Here's Chapter 1. This is gonna be an important chapter. Enjoy.

It was nighttime at the Northern Pack as Nars watched his pups sleep. He was still thinking about his meeting with Daria earlier that afternoon. Nars felt really bad for how he treated her. What's worse was that he didn't even admit that it was pretty much all his fault. At least Daria had the reasonable explanation that she couldn't see him.

Shaking his head, Nars decided to go to sleep. At that moment he had an idea; maybe he could stay at the Western Pack after dropping his kids off tomorrow and look for Daria and apologize to...
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