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monty(left) lela(middle)penny(right) are going shoping
kasanayan ng tagahanga
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hi this is just a fanfic i made,i totally mad it up,itz also mi 1st 1! so here goes!!
eleanor:hey u no wat i just realized! it seems lik so it wuz soo long nakaraan wen we 1st met u guys!

theodore:ya ur rite!!

jeanette:hmm but i can remember it soo clearly

bac wen tha met
gettin off a bus in NY
alvin:c'mon guys!! daves waitin in the hotel!!
theodore:where almost there!
simon:dave sinabi we hav too b on stage sa pamamagitan ng 4:00pm!!
alvin:*trips* wooooh *falls* ouch oww
brittany:*on ground* ooowwww!! HEYY!! watch...
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This is just so freakin awesome!!
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