Amy Rose If you would go to your room and see Amy changes clothes there what would you do?

Pick one:
Be quiet that Amy wont notice you and watch her...
Say: " What are you doing in my room?"
Try two kill her
Try two kill her
Added by halo116
youre boy ok so you start to say yo my lets have sex
Added by mimihearts10
tell her &# 34; put some d*** clothes on and get the...
tell her "put some d*** clothes on and get the f*** out of my house!"
Added by Knuxsu_fan101
(Im a girl) Run Away and let her change
(Im a girl)Run Away and let her change
Added by beepboop
(im a girl) tell her &# 34; AMY PUT UR STINKING CLOTHES...
(im a girl) tell her "AMY PUT UR STINKING CLOTHES ON!!!!!!" then run off screamin
Added by mecuon
Pass out.
Pass out.
Added by mariofan14
Close your eyes and/ or look away from her to give...
Close your eyes and/or look away from her to give Amy privacy.
Added by 5wilsonr
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