Angel ANGEL 10 in 10 Icon Contest! ROUND One Deadline- TBA

LovingLucy posted on Mar 29, 2014 at 06:44PM
*You have approx. ten days to make ten icons. (Never less than ten days). Seven themes and three categories. NO AC's.
*Icons must be squared, ranging from a size of 100x100 to 200x200.
*No animated GIFS
*You can't choose the same episode two rounds in a row.
*No voting for yourself and please do not ask people to vote for you.
*Icons have to be brand new; no re-using anything.

*1 prop for participation.
*1 prop for themes.
*2 props for categories.
*3 props for artist choices.

ROUND 1 Deadline- TBA


1. Cordelia's Hair Styles
2. A Guest Character
3. Saving Someone
4. Quote from a Guest Character
5. The Past
6. Repercussions
7. Obsession
Cat-3- Crossover with Peanuts (Charlie Brown and Company)

LovingLucy- "Darla"

Angel No ang sumagot