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First of all, if you think any of these trades are unfair, please don't leave a hate comment, please be polite and say it's unfair and I'll do what I can. So anyway.....

Hey jammers! So today I'll be talking about Animal siksikan and spiked collars. So many of you want a spike kwelyo here, so I'll tell you fair trades for each color, long and short.

Let's start with short

The claw machine and a short spiked wristband (no black) And add depending on the person
A kulay-rosas or purple short collar

Beta wolpeyper or flooring, rhino helmet, and a lesser value color short wristband
A short kahel collar

A long...
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It was Night,
And an Arctic lobo named Sparkle Frozenrose
Was about to go to sleep.
Sparkle saw a strange Yellow glow out the window.
It disappeared after 2 seconds.
She thought she was dreaming, But she wasn't.
It was The Stalker, Magical Killereyes.
She has Bloody stars on her,
Creepy Glowing Yellow eyes,
And kulay-rosas and purple skin.
Sparkle opened the door to see what it is,
But she thought it was nothing.
Killereyes went through the door,
Sparkle screamed in terror when she saw Killereyes!
Killereyes was holding a sharp knife,
About to slice Sparkle's head off.
Sparkle had to lock her den,
It was her only...
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this is right now play it and play wild
animal siksikan
play wild
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So sad, it made me cry a little. So sad at the end too. :(
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Made on Animal Jam! Created sa pamamagitan ng Fabtabulous aj! Play Animal siksikan here: link
animal siksikan
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