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posted by Swootz
madala Baiting is cruel entertainment and a money-maker for some people in Pakistan. madala baiting requires bears to have their claws and teeth removed, then they are chained to a post being forced to fight off several dogs. When the fighting is over, bears usually come out with ripped mouths and noses.

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posted by GabsSaw
A large isda that lives in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Atlantic cod is a powerful predator. It has a sensitive whisker, called a barbel, on its chin, which it uses to find prey on the seabed.

Dorsal fins: Each fin contains lots of small Buto called "fin rays".

Fin control: The isda pushes itself pasulong with its dorsal, anal, and tail fins. It uses its pectoral and pelvic fins to change direction.

Fierce hunter: Cod hunt shrimp, crab, and small isda such as herring.

Cold waters: Atlantic cod live in cold, shallow water around the coasts of North America and northern Europe. They swim together in large shoals, and feed at mid-depths or near the seafloor.

Fishing industry: Every year, nearly a million tons of cod are caught sa pamamagitan ng fishermen. Their numbers have fallen sharply, and this has led to calls for a reduction in fishing.