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Tasukete!!! I have prob with my anime MKV files that comes with both English and Japanese audio files and same for subtitles. I want to burn them to a DVD-R keeping the two audio files along with the two subtitles. How will I do that?? I like it to be when you would buy a DVD from the store and you can change the languages. I can't use my convertxtodvd bec its only a trial version. I have nero 8 but it doesn't burn mkv files.. I don't want to convert my mkv files anymore so I'm looking for an application that can convert the files into dvd directly.

About disc memory, my bidyo are 25minutes per video and 27 episodes all. Is it possible for me to burn them in one disc?? My disc info here: DVD-R 8x/4.7gb/120Min..

My anime piles up in my laptop and I need to transfer them..

Tasukete Onegai X(
 lyssarie_02 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Anime Sagot

Laein said:
About how to burn a dvd that can change audios and subtitles, I don't know how to do that xD

I have a convertxtodvd but I dunno how to use it >.< I can't figure it out. but if you want, I can give you a download link (torrent) it comes with serial numbers so you can register it :)

I don't think you can burn all 27 episodes into a DVD-5, I suggest you buy a dvd-9 which is 18gb.

When I burn an anime, I use DVD Flick. It supports AVI and MKV. You would have to manually add the subtitles though which is a hassle since you still have to download the subtitles separately. But with dvd-flick, you can change the bitrate so you can fit 4-5 anime episodes or even madami into a 4gb dvd-r

Right now, since I am in the same dilemma, I am using Any Video Converter, I am converting all anime episodes (into whatever file type I want like avi or mkv but right now I am converting it into a dvd ntsc file type) then I'll try to burn it using DVD Flick.

Not sure if it would work though, I'll let you know if it did ;)

And keep in mind that when you convert an anime it somehow loses its quality (i think) that's what happens to me. unless you use a high def converter I guess.

Sorry, I guess I really didn't answer your question. and my explanation sucks. heee. But, I'll let you know if something works out ;)
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posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas 
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