Animes that you want to be adapted into a korean drama ?

i want Say I pag-ibig you , We were there , your lie in april and my little monster to be adapted into a kdrama
 animeotaku20 posted 9 days ago
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Anime Sagot

usually it happens the opposite.....right....???

well i want korean manga to be made into jap anime.........Bride of the Water God.........but adapting anime into korean drama nothing comes to mind..........he he he
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posted 9 days ago 
This may be a bit off-topic, but there's actually a Korean drama based off Bride of the Water God. I haven't heard spectacular things about it, though.
ArcticWolf posted 7 days ago
well i heard of it as well but it has totally different plot from this this manhwa..........he he eh e
KEISUKE_URAHARA posted 6 days ago
^yeah that's what I heard lol
ArcticWolf posted 5 days ago
ArcticWolf said:
It'd be nice if Fruits Basket had a good live-action adaptation, whether it be Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, etc. But I wouldn't want it to leave things out, either, and try to condense the story into a mere 10-20 episodes. I think if Fruits Basket had the opportunity to have a truly faithful adaptation then multiple seasons would be necessary.
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posted 7 days ago 
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