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 (From left to right: Hakase Shinonome, Sakamoto-san the cat, and Nano Shinonome.)
(From left to right: Hakase Shinonome, Sakamoto-san the cat, and Nano Shinonome.)
Robots with detachable limbs that dispense green tea. Having your bike upuan stolen to be replaced with a head of broccoli. Ordering an extra-small coffee at the local cafe due to not understanding the cup sizing of sinabi beverage. Pusa that talk when a miraculous red scarf is tied around their neck. Principles that suplex deer in wrestling matches.

If any of the above sentences intrigue you, Nichijou may just be the anime for you.

'Nichijou' was originally a manga created sa pamamagitan ng Arawi Keiichi, which was later adapted to an anime sa pamamagitan ng KyoAni. While the anime only lasted 1 season, it is like a hidden...
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The susunod morning, Sakura awoke from her sleep.

Sakura: *Yawns*

Sakura looked around her room and notcied that things were a little bit diffrent. The thing diffrent was that...Kasey was no where to be no found.

Sakura: Kasey? Kasey? Where are you? *Looks around her room* Oh no! I cannot beleive this. Kasey left me!!!! *Sat on her kama and started to cry*

Her loud crying awoke Kero, who was still taking a nap.

Kero: *Flys slowly to Sakura, still wearing his night hat* Sakura, what's wrong?

Sakura: *Looked at Kero with tears* Kasey is gone!!!!! *Cries*

Kero: *Covered his ears after she screamed* Calm...
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