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 Miku and Sanosuke
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Source: again, wish I knew ;^;
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Baldr Force EXE Resolution—A short series—only four episodes, packed with lots of violence. Please do not watch this unless you are mature enough to handle exploding heads and a rape scene. After the shocking rape scene in episode two, I had to “prayerfully” (I hate that word. If it’s even a word.) consider whether I should continue on with the series. Heck, I thought, it’s only two madami episodes, and I doubt they’ll have another rape scene. And thankfully, the last half toned down the violence of the first two episodes.
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posted by GVentola
Hello again--I've been going through anime on Hulu like there's no tomorrow. Below are my three latest conquests. I think I'm going to take a break and watch F-Troop and MASK on DVD.

Moeyo Ken TV—Taking place in historical Kyoto during a World’s Fair, this anime has a rather nostalgic setting. But all is not strictly historical—in this Kyoto, monsters and humans live side sa pamamagitan ng side. Our bayani round up unlicensed monsters. Plus there’s a bit of harem mayhem going on, all because the company president’s sweetheart of a son, Ryuunosuke, came back to Kyoto after years in Shanghai. At first,...
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posted by SymmaGirl2
Here I am again! This is my final Hetalia chatroom before I go on vacation for a few weeks! Sadly, there's no Internet in the mountains where I'm going, so I won't be able to put any madami for a while. I hope you enjoy!

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PastaLuvr: Oh, uy Germany! You never answered my tanong from yesterday!
BeerIsKöstlich: Which one?
PastaLuvr: What happens if a boy likes another boy instead of a girl?
BeerIsKöstlich: Well... It's hard to explain...

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NoTackyUniforms: Ah, bonjour Germany and Italy.
PastaLuvr: Hey, France? Will you...
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