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 D. Gray Man
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Sasuke is the youngest son of the Konoha Military Police Force captain and Uchiha clan head, Fugaku Uchiha and his wife Mikoto. Mikoto named him after the father of the Third Hokage in hopes that he would grow up to be a great ninja like his namesake. As a child, Sasuke grew up in the shadow of his older brother, Itachi Uchiha who was an acknowledged prodigy who was viewed sa pamamagitan ng the Uchiha clan as a genius, and whose work would further strengthen the bonds between the village and the clan. Sasuke's father in particular took an active interest in Itachi. Itachi, on the other hand, was rather ambivalent...
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 Arrio ( not actual image but will look something like this )
Arrio ( not actual image but will look something like this )
ok this is my manga i am trying to make and i will post scenes and sketches rember this is MINE!!! there will be on stealing, and stuff like that. !!!! this is just a part of it so ill listahan it all together when im done !!! - i do not own inages in this the image credit is due to their creators i simply put them on to give a idea of what the characters look like i did not make the pictures i got them from google credit for larawan is not mine -

_________________ flashback_______________________

- no this cant be happening- a thought staring terrified at my hands at the faint glow. "It`s true she...
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