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 hyakujitsu no bara
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hyakujitsu no bara
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This Anime litrato might contain anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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uy there! ~ I decided to make this step sa pamamagitan ng step artikulo on how I make an icon just because I felt bad because I couldn't include some people's entries in the presinto of the Anime Icon Contest because they don't follow the rules given. I'm not really sure where to put this, but since the Anime Icon Contest is here, I decided to post it in this spot.

Making icons are really easy. In fact, you don't really need a fancy software to make one. You could just always crop a picture and re-size it on your computer. If you want to add some fancy effects, you could always use a litrato editing software or...
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English and Japanese Lyrics:

sekai de ichiban ohime-sama
sou iu atsukai kokoroete yo ne

The very best Princess!
So treat me just us such, carve it in your heart! Okay~

sono ichi itsumo to chigau kamigata ni ki ga tsuku koto
sono ni chanto kutsu made miru koto
ii ne?
sono san watashi no hitogoto ni ha mittsu no kotoba de
henji suru koto
wakattara migite ga orusu nano wo
nantoka shite!

Number 1 Always notice my different hair styles.
Number 2 Look at me from head to toe.
Got that?
Number 3 For everything I say,
reply with at least three words.
If you understand, then do something about
my lonely right hand!

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Chaos;HEAd—A dark psychological thriller. A reclusive Japanese teen named Takumi just wants to play video games, surf the net, and collect figurines of his paborito anime gal. But then there are these grisly murders, and Takumi, who suffers from delusions, doesn’t even know if he committed them or if he is going to be susunod to be killed. And then there are all these girls—what do they want with him?
    This ipakita is confusing yet fascinating. Side effects may be headaches and bouts of depersonalization. My advice? Don’t worry about...
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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha(魔法少女リリカルなのは Mahō Shōjo Ririkaru Nanoha)

he storyline follows Nanoha Takamachi, a nine-year-old Japanese girl attending elementary school, who lives with her parents and her older siblings. Nanoha's regular everyday life ends when she rescues an injured ferret who reveals himself as a young shapeshifting mage named Yūno Scrya. An archaeologist from a parallel universe, Yūno came to Earth to collect a set of twenty-one dangerous ancient artifacts named the "Jewel Seeds" (ジュエルシード, Jueru Shīdo?) that he first discovered in his...
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If I write rants, I'm usually able to control myself and not post them. However, a kamakailan troll user pushed me off the deep end, and now I have to force someone to listen to this one.

I hate elitists.

This is obviously a general statement, but this is the anime spot, so let's narrow it down.

I hate elitist anime fans.

Since I've become a member of the anime fanbase on Fanpop, I've come to realize these people are my least paborito part of anything anime. Here are some examples of these people, in case you don't know what I mean, and how to explain to them why their douchiness is extremely unfair....
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... Now that we've got that stupid joke out of the way, let's get this over with.

That's right... this is a follow-up to my first Hetalia rant. Now, I've already ibingiay some arguments on why Hetalia is nothing madami than fangirl bullcrap. I've stated that I usually watch five to six episodes of a TV/anime series before judging it. However, it turns out that I DIDN'T watch five to six episodes of Hetalia. Let me explain.

The usual time that an ordinary anime episode lasts is twenty to twenty-five minutes. However, Hetalia's "episodes" (I use that term EXTREMELY loosely, and I'll get into the issue...
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ok so this is another awesome dance amv :] i saw this and just had to put this on here oh I DID NOT MAKE THIS NOR DO I TAKE CREDIT FOR IT!!!! thank u and enjoy :D
shugo chara
lucky bituin
code geass
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persona 5 the animation
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Major Spoilers Ahead

Now, the other parts of SSY, I don't really hear any praise for, but everyone praises this particular part. This is a story driven show, the characters don't matter, they say. I disagree, it isn't as story driven as many make it out to be. The major world building or story elements the ipakita does have is very much linked to the show's characters. For instance, Ogres in this ipakita isn't really used until the middle of the final arc story-wise, and most of the focus is on how the characters handle them. The adults are terrified of children and kill several because they fear...
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