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 Cute anime girls
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some cute anime girls :)
kasanayan ng tagahanga
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This Anime kasanayan ng tagahanga contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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ready to see some freaked up shiz?
mayu suzumoto
corpse party and spirits
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 Konata Izumi!
Konata Izumi!
Lucky bituin is one of those anime's that fit in the school category as the characters are Konata Izumi, Kagami Hiiragi, Tsukasa Hiiragi and Miyuki Takara, these characters are the main characters but mostly Konata Izumi is the main character in my opinion, these girls go through high school as mga kaibigan sadly Kagami was in separate classes then her mga kaibigan but this was the best anime I ever seen so far anyways Konata was the anime freak out of the mga kaibigan she loved cosplaying and manga also playing dating sims, Miyuki is the calm one out of everyone she wears glasses due to she hates anything to close to her eyes like contacts or water, Kagami is well a girl that is mostly serious and of course does her homework (( I never do mine half of the time :P )) anyways last but not least Tsukasa she is the twin sister of Kagami she is like Konata cause she copies off her sisters homework and she falls asleep when ever studying anyways this is my review I recommend to see it.
 Lucky Star!!!
Lucky Star!!!
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Source: Yuki
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Starts with footage for Tales of Berseria.
tales of zestiria
the x
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