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 Anime mga wolpeyper
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Various anime mga wolpeyper I've found on the internet. Some are of pre-existing characters, some aren't.
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This Anime litrato might contain mainit na batya.

posted by Windrises
Save Me Lollipop! is 1 of the first anime shows that I watched. Save Me Lollipop! is a anime ipakita that has romance and comedy.

The Plot:

Nina is a teenage girl who accidentally ate the pearl a bunch of wizards are after. Nina gets protected sa pamamagitan ng Ichii and Zero who are wizards. Some wizards are after Nina to get the pearl, but Ichii and Zero protect Nina.

Save Me Lollipop! actually has a creative plot, but it oddly ends up being predictable. Nina and Zero's relationship is a pretty typical romance storyline. However the ipakita has enough fun and creativity to avoid being bad.

The Characters:

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