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"Whatever else, she needs to be painted in as a bitterly unhappy young girl with little sense of presence." Hideaki Anno, to Yoshiyuki Sadamoto on Rei's character design[3]

At the start of the series, Rei is socially withdrawn, seemingly emotionless, and rarely interacts with anyone, except for Gendo, to whom she initially displays loyalty but with whom she has a generally distant relationship (she says in episode 15 that she "doesn't know what kind of person he is"). She lives sa pamamagitan ng herself in a drab, dingy, sparsely-furnished apartment in Tokyo-3, a clutter of books being her only apparent luxury...
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Hello Everyone!
This is my first time Pagsulat tagahanga Fiction I hope you like it! :D
Please comment and tagahanga my story if you like it, Thanks.


As I awoke from my long slumber there was nothing but blackness surrounding me. I slowly began to sit up and my head felt dizzy and my limbs were stiff. Atop of me I felt a thin sheet and where my head rested there was a thin feathered pillow. I carefully stood up and my legs wobbled and my ankles rolled. I quickly pulled my hands out to protect my from the fall but I felt a hard wall.

It was...
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((Nothing in this artikulo is meant to be offensive in any way, and you do not have to take any of this seriously. This was made for FUN.

Just saying, since I had problems with this on another website . . .))

1. Wishing you were born in Japan.

2. The obsession can empty your wallet.

3. "No, it's not porn."

4. When you rewatch an anime in the vain hope that your paborito character won't die this time.

5. Far-ass convention locations.

6. Getting into anime for the first time, and then trying to figure out what OTP, Canon, Moe, Shota, Seme, Uke, and all the other words mean.

7. You have to order online...
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