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20 ways to annoy Rin Okamura 1
by ~BittersweetHorizon(from DA)

1. Grab Rin's tail and poke Yukio with it.

2. Tell him that it was Rin who did it.

3. Watch Rin and Yukio fighting, call all the others and tell them the story how Rin and Yukio were mentally abused sa pamamagitan ng their father.

4. Grab Rin's Ears and shout loudly "yo devilboy! I think ya so stupid that you would get Nawawala in this school if I left you all alone for 5 segundos "

5. Write a pag-ibig letter and place it under his pillow

6. Hint at him that it was Shiemi who wrote it and he should confess his crush to her.

7. Laugh loudly so that Rin would hear...
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I'm sure most of you know that Blue Exorcist is my paborito anime and manga of all time. I pag-ibig the story, the art, and most of all, I pag-ibig the characters.
Although number 1 will be glaringly obvious for everyone who knows me and has met me, I'd still like to share some other characters I pag-ibig and appreciate as well from this series. :3

10. Rin Okumara

Now, I know most fans would think it's blasphemy to put Rin this low on my list, but at least he's actually on my list, right? I had to write down my characters I liked and eliminate a few, sooo...
Anyways, Rin is cool. He's hot-headed, feisty, and...
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25 ways to annoy Rin Okamura 2
by ~BittersweetHorizon

1. Replace his hair clip with a kulay-rosas colour hair clip, when he is going to study. Call him a girl when he puts it on.

2. Sing "Im a Barbie girl in a Barbie world" If he is still wearing the kulay-rosas clip on his head.

3. Steal all his homework and bury them somewhere.

4. When he is searching for them tell him that Mephisto turned into a dog and ate all his homework.

5. During class when Yukio demands an explanation from Rin for why he didn't do his homework, suddenly stand up and say "the dog ate his homework" ;D

6. Break Yukio glasses and blame it...
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