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tuktok 25 Arwen Moments Through Season 4



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Also, since we have time on our hands during the hiatus, do we have any takers to compile your favorite top ten Arwen moments? Lets do ten, in order from first to tenth, unless you feel you can't stop there! Going to work on mine after dinner.
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I'll have my list done by later on today.
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Ooops. You know what, I didn't get to this when I said and then forgot about it. I may have some time to do mine. It's not easy, let me tell you. If you can't do ten, let us know what your No. 1 favorite scene is. I hope I can go to ten...
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Ok. Let me try this...I can see why no one has done this because it's really hard! And takes up too much time. I happened to have a little time to sit and go through some of these videos,, but I'm thinking: Maybe if any of you can give us your top three that would be challenging enough.

So here goes my top favorite scenes from one to ten. Actually, after the first three, the order isn't all that fixed.

#1. "Long Live the Queen" The real coronation from 4x13. This is as of now my all time favorite scene, and is the only one Slacktwaddle and I agree on. I love everything about this coronation - the music, the kiss, the tenderness and love that made it more like a wedding than a coronation IMO. I know my opinion is not the popular one, but as much as I would have liked to see the wedding, the beauty of this short (rushed) coronation scene satisfied me. The emotion and feeling could never be paralleled by any wedding I've seen on screen. I know, I know. It was Bradley and Angel that brought it home more than anything else, which will hold true for all the scenes I've picked on my list.

#2. Second Proposal in 4x13. Not on the top 25 List! This has to be an oversight! This scene is second only to the coronation for me. We were pretty disappointed about some of the dialogue after the "betrayal" and the lack of reveal of the enchantment, but this scene worked for me big time. You all know the reason.

#3. "Never Lose Faith"-1x13 bedside scene. I've always had a thing about people speaking to the subconscious of someone they love. She brought it home and it seldom fails to get me a bit "teary" when I watch it. This was a beautiful display of foreshadowing what was to come between these two, and I defy those who claim the romance came out of the blue.

4. "Exploding Passion"- second kiss from 2x10. I still think this is my favorite kiss and to me their most passionate one. And that look they exchanged right after it, well wonder B/A had a little argument over the other messing up during filming.

5. "First Kiss" - from 2x02. Guess this is their best known scene and I think one of the sweetest, tenderest kisses I've ever seen. And who doesn't love the way they were gazing at each other both before and after? This scene will always be dear to us Arwenites because this was when the realization hit them both--something big was happening between them, whether they liked it or not.

6. "Think We're Alone Now" - campfire scene from 3x07. Love this one!! Heat, heat, heat!!! To me, these two champions of the burning, hungering eye exchange, nailed it better here than any other scene. Nothing they verbalized mattered in this one, you can not only see, but feel the slow burn going on here without them ever touching each other. Loooooved IT. And poor Merlin...if looks could kill.

7. "Perhaps" - Scene outside throne room in 2x02. Awwww. This one is a favorite for lots of Arwen fans. What she she stumped him. But for me, ever since the first time I saw this episode: it's when he's walking away and then looks back. Kills-me-every-time.

8. "Honesty" - When Gwen comes home to her cottage to find HIM there in 2x10. I'll always get touched by his first declaration of love for her--what he said and how he said it. And of course, how he looked with that white shirt. And how she put him in his place at the end.

9. "Reunion" - The reunion hug in 4x12. What he said in the next episode didn't really bother me because I've always said his real moment of weakness was when he said THAT, not when he hugged her. He meant it, he felt it, and this whole scene was all FEELING. I think this was their most intimate moment in the whole four seasons.

10. "A Heart to Heart" When Gwen went to his chambers in 3x06 to more or less let him know he should go through with the marriage to Elena because it was the right thing for the kingdom. I like this scene primarily for the fact that it was when we really saw her true colors, that she put aside herself and her feelings for Camelot and to make it easier on him to do what she thought was best to do as the future king. It's in this scene I think that we most see her worthiness to become queen.

So there it is. I notice the picnic was not on the list of videos and I realize I didn't pick any scene from 3x10 as a favorite. I don't think I like that episode as much as many do. I think my favorite scene from that one is when Arthur talked to Uther and declared this love for her to his father. Soon I hope we can talk about our favorite episode from the four years.
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This was really hard to do because there are so many Arwen scenes that I love and wanted to pick but I forced myself to do it and this is what I came up with:

#1. “Giving him a piece of her mind”: It might sound odd that this is my favourite Arwen scene out of all of them, but the scene in 2x02 when Gwen just lost it with Arthur and yelled at him for his rude behaviour gets me every time. I loved the fact that she stood up to him and spoke her mind and that he actually listened. He didn’t brush her off as just a servant nor did he try to pull rank and reprimand her for it. He actually apologized for his behaviour and he tried to make it up to her. For me, this is the moment when they stopped being a prince and a maid to each other and became just a man and a woman.

#2. “Long Live the Queen”: The real coronation for all the reasons that HQ has mentioned.

#3. “Reunion”: I waited so long for this and when it finally happened it was perfect. The hug, the words they said to each other, their expressions, it was everything that I’d wanted and more.

#4. “First kiss”: This is the best first kiss that I have ever seen on television. I loved the way they gazed at each other, the way he leaned in and just went for it and the look of surprise, awe and yearning on their faces when it ended. It was perfect in every way.

#5. “Honesty”: This scene still sends tingles down my spine every time I see it. My heart skips a beat whenever I hear him tell her “I’ve never loved another”. This scene was sad and heartbreaking and yet it still filled me with so much hope for them. One thing that isn’t often mentioned when people talk about this scene is how Gwen acknowledged that she had hurt him when he saw her with Lancelot in 2x04. And this is one of the reasons why I love this scene so much because I knew that Gwen isn’t the type of person who would ever intentionally hurt Arthur. So if she knew what holding hands with Lancelot had done to him, then she would never leave him for Lancelot once she'd actually committed to him.

#6. “Perhaps”: This is another one of those scenes that also sends tingles down my spine and makes my toes curl. Even when I see it in fanvids it gets me. I can never get over how he turned to look back at her as he walked away and how she stood there watching him as he went. They thought that it was over but destiny had other ideas.

#7. “I love her, I love Guinevere”: I’ve had some problems with 3x10 as well but Arthur standing up to Uther and declaring his love for Gwen was one of the highlights of S3 for me. Knowing how much Arthur values his father’s opinion and how he always tries so hard to please him, going against his wishes and declaring his love for Gwen was the ultimate proof of his love for her.

#8. “The soul kiss”: This scene, this scene. What’s not to love about this scene? The way he put his arm out and wrapped it around her waist to stop her from going, the way that she just knew what he had in mind when he stopped her, his reply “I don’t care” when she said “they’ll see”, and the evil part of me jumped in glee when they kissed in front of Lancelot. I’m sorry I love Lancelot but he needed to see this.

#9. “Never let anything happen to you”: This scene was hot and so unexpected. Gwen touching Arthur’s naked chest will always land on my top list of Arwen scenes. I really wish we’ll see more of it in S5.

#10. “She soooo wants me”: I will forever roll my eyes at people who claim that there was nothing between them in S1 and that the romance came out of the blue. You can’t tell me that Arthur wasn’t flirting with Gwen in 1x13 when he woke up from his death bed and found her in his room. And that as she walked away he didn’t have the “she soooo wants me” expression on his face.
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