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posted by BiggestJLSfan
I really hope one araw that i will get to meet Aston Merrygold and the JlS group it would be one in a life time!

am going to see them susunod taon in a concert
hoping they will see me and my mga kaibigan as we are ten rows from the stage !

i really hope one araw that i will get the chance to meet JLS! it would be one in a life time!
i have been a tagahanga since they have been on xfactor and i hope one araw i will meet them!!

everyone thinks am crazy and i will never get to meet them but who knows mabye i will?

i have loads of posters of JLS in my room
and i also have there ablum
and i know every song sa pamamagitan ng heart!
you might think am obbessed but really am not at all!
i just think there awesome singers and they are very good looking too!
and you can just tell that they have a lovely personilty
i really hope i will meet them sometime!

Hanna xx
posted by charvey14242628
From the very start till the semi finals they wasn't even famous I loved there looks there smiles when Aston came in I was like wow he's hot I looked at Aston the entire time he was there and I sinabi to my parents there pag-awit is amazing I went to my room and couldn't stop thinking about them I went in to school and sinabi to my best friend sophia did you see jls last night she sed yeah but she lies some times I asked her what did they sing she sinabi abc from michael Jackson I sed no. My mams taken me to see jls susunod taon and paying extra to back stage when my mam told me that I was shocked and was bouncing up and
posted by AMerrygold3
will i pag-ibig jls the araw i first saw them they are my life i have voted for them like 30 times well i pag-ibig pasta and tuna or maybe pizza or go to the best place NANDOS,
i pag-ibig to put ketchup on my pagkain
i pag-ibig the colour blue ever since i was a baby
i am a very sportive person who loves to run and play football with the boys
i pag-ibig to sing my hearts out
the jls boys are always there for their fans
and i am from jamaican just like aston
posted by clomerrygold
Right I don't know wear to start,
I pag-ibig jls soo much they mean the world to me .
I have liked and followed them scince they was on the x factor.
They are just my life really.

I have nearly evrything u can get to do wiv jls. Tickets books jewlery pillows covers tickets evrything.
I just really really really want VIPo tickets to see them back stage after the cooncert.

I cry over them nearly evryday. Because it would just be my life my dream basically my evrything. They seem like really nice lads. King sweet romantic beautiful fit just amazing in evryway really especailly aston merry ginto ooofffttt :) <3

I am going to the 4th dimension tour on the 27th of march at the capital fm arena nottingham on the 7th row from the stage.I always annoy my family and friends. They are always telling me to shutup because all they hear me talking about is jls.

I pag-ibig them so much espeecailly astoon. pag-ibig you jls <3 xxxxx