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What is the fate of the Earth Kingdom after the events of Legend of Korra?

So after the events of season 4 of Korra, the Earth Kingdom sa pamamagitan ng that point was in complete ruin. At the time of season 3, is was noted sa pamamagitan ng the Earth reyna that people weren't paying their taxes and the country was already being overrun sa pamamagitan ng bandits. And this skyrocketed to new levels after the Earth Queen's assassination; The Earth Kingdom become lawless, people ran riot, bandits began to essentially rule the country. making many estates poor and dangerous, almost like a war zone and barely anyone held loyalty to Earth Royal dinastya anymore.

And after 3 years, the Earth empire had managed to get a large majority of the Earth Kingdom states under control, slowly making the Earth Kingdom stable again. However after Kuvira's arrest when she failed to invade the Republic of nations, those long 3 years of work just went down the drain. So who is going to run the Earth Kingdom after all that?

The Earth Empire would of likely disbanded and the Royal Family had no power sa pamamagitan ng that point and were very unpopular. I know, Prince Wu said, he will make it that the states will have their own separate vote leaders however I see this going two ways; they take his suggestion seriously or they choose to ignore him. Wu may shown some potential in the evacuation however I don't think this will be enough for people to take his seriously, let alone let him make such a huge change to the way the country has been run for centuries.

And even if the states were allowed to choose their own leaders, think of the effects it would have in the long run. It would create great division between the citizens of the Earth Kingdom, politically and culturally.

My predictions for the fate the Earth Kingdom:

With the fall of Earth Empire, the Earth kingdom would become unstable once again. Wu and the United Forces are unable to get back control of the Earth Kingdom. It falls into years of civil war. Zaofu soon defects, to become its own individual country. Seeing this, many sub-Earth bending
 What is the fate of the Earth Kingdom after the events of Legend of Korra?
 Mellowix posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Awatara - ang Huling Airbender Sagot

TheLefteris24 said:
Well, that is an interesting theory but I believe you are pagbaba a little too much into it. There isn't any clue indicating that Prince Wu's suggestion will fail. Especially with the awatara helping out and the rest of the Nations doing their best to maintain Peace. Since there will be no continuation of TLOK, it is ligtas to assume that it will remain that way !!!!
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posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas 
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