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Well first of all i have nothing over Kataang! And actually it was obvious from the beginning that Aang was going to end with katara but,lemme just say what i think about that!

1-Zuko & Katara has a lot of thing in common like they both Nawawala their mother..

2-If you watched The Crossroads Of Destiny..Zuko allowed Katara to touch his scar and she's the first person in the entire series to touch it but,when anybody touched his scar he refused including Mai (who's actually Zuko's current girlfriend) Song & Jin....

3-In season 3 when Zuko first joined Team awatara he didn't really care for someone's approval except for was obvious he became really anxious when Katara was going to decide if he's gonna stay or not...

4-In the season finale 'The Old Masters' Zuko picked Katara especially to sumali him to fight Azula...(I know this might seem stupid but,why Katara especially?!)

5-In 'The Southern Raiders' Katara was the only one Zuko actually agreed to help while when Sokka asked him about where The Boiling Rock Prison was he didn't really seem to care...

6-In 'The Ember Island Players' See how Zuko has pushed Aang to sit susunod to Katara while it was obvious that Aang was going to sit susunod to her...

7-In 'The Old Masters' notice how they blushed when June sinabi that Katara was Zuko's girlfriend

8-At the series finale ZUKO TOOK A FRICKING LIGHTNING BOLT IN HIS puso TO PROTECT KATARA!!! How would that not be obvious?

9-Zuko was originally going to be Katara's pag-ibig interest

10-Katara is older than Aang...i know that's not important but,he's 12 years old however..Katara never have had feelings for him...You might also ask that Zuko is 16 and Katara is 14 Yep. that's true but,Zuko is the man here so it kinda makes sense but,Aang is younger than Katara! come'on think about it!!

This is opinion! But,come 'on people Aang should've ended with Toph!
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