Spoonbender from "The Matrix" (1999): Aang before he got his airbending palaso tattoos??

Before my “Avatar” pronouncement made me run,
I met a man called Neo;
We were both being interviewed to be “The One”,
In case you didn’t know.

He seemed so restless, there and then
As we each awaited our turn;
He looked at me time and again,
His eyes did curiously burn…

As I had found a way to bend the air
Around computer circuitry,
Distort the image, made him stare
At my “spoonbending” ability.

“Do not try to bend the spoon,”
I told him as he stopped to swoon;
“That’s impossible, but only realize
The truth…” I sinabi to open his eyes…

sa pamamagitan ng now I’m sure, to you, this is no mystery:
He was chosen as “The One”, the rest is history.
T’was a different “Matrix” then, from which I soon unplugged;
Too much violence, shooting, killing and programs un-debugged.

But like the Oracle of old,
There was one thing I did learn—
The miracle in “Avatar” retold,
Brought sa pamamagitan ng harmony to discern…

Was that no failure was greater than to see no choice;
No single solution existed for those who would rejoice
In breaking free from limits, are those who ultimately find
That what really needs some bending is simply one’s own mind.