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posted by supergirl1998
when talking to the parents of the chiled before they leave don't be afriead to ask lots of tanong like who are trusted naighbors? what are the numbers of people i can contact if an emergency? belive it or not you will seem madami advances:) usually if you are waching a younger chiled they will cry right after there parntss leave. try to comfert them saying things like 'your parents pag-ibig yo very much and they promis they will be back tahanan before you know it' suprizingly it works most of the time:) when it comes to lunch children can be picky eaters. try to make the pagkain look fun or make a...
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posted by bieberfeverhart
if a kid starts to cry before on the first time you need to learn things about them and cheer them up sa pamamagitan ng what they like to provent crying keep them ocupiedand happy ipakita them your open to them and be kidish and firm make shure you you are there role model fowel the rules to ipakita them they should to fowel the rules and have fun but remember 2 things not every kid will like you and dont be a stick up be you and fowwell rules AND SAFTY FIRST THATS THE IS INPORTANT AND REMEMBER ITS OK TO ASK tanong have fun baby sitting
added by bieberfeverhart