Barbie pelikula What went on with the rumoured Fairytopia 'Magical Twist of Time' movie?

beckstar posted on Nov 30, 2011 at 11:35AM

It is also listed here on the movie rating site flixster.
I always used to look at it and think I was going mad as I had not heard, nor seen it.

Kelly Sheridan, Lee Tockar, Venus Terzo, Chiara Zanni, Kathleen Barr

While Elina and Bibble are having fun in Magic Meadow, Laverna eats the Immunity Berry from the Mermaidia that gives her the power of immunity from all magic past, present and future. She twists time, reverting back to when Elina was a wingless fairy. Leaving Elina that way, Laverna releases the flying sickness that kills plants and takes away fairies' ability to fly. It is up to Elina and her companion Bibble to find out what happened, during which they meet new fairy friends, including Mariposa to find the magical gold wand to defeat Laverna.

The plot sounds amazing! Why was this canned?!
Does anyone know? I really wanted Elena and Mariposa to meet too! :(. But it's too late now, even if they made this NOW, I wouldn't watch it. I don't like Barbie's new image and how they changed the way she used to look and OF COURSE the new voice!

I also went the Rotten Tomatoes page of the movie and it says it was a movie meant to be in theatres.

I read that someone added it and made it up themselves to Wikipedia. But SURELY how could professional movie rating sites pick it up and add it to movies on their list? Surely they know what is fake or not! The plot doesn't seem made me a child either, as it seems quite real. Whoever made it up is an idiot! Maybe it was just a plan from Mattel..I don't know
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