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posted by MOFOprincess
I'm sorry this was so late! I'm happy its finally out though.

So I just want to start off sa pamamagitan ng saying that this episode really extra confirmed that this whole ipakita is porn. I believed it was porn before this episode, but this episode in particular was extra sexual. Alright-just wanted to get that out there.
So the sode (that’s the douche bag way of saying episode) starts off with the team in front of a book store because a hot actress, Jennifer Nocturne, was going to be there. She acts as a vampire. I noticed the word play with her last name and her movie role. Bats are nocturnal, and she plays...
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just for laughs :D
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posted by QueenAnnelise
Wow!, was the only word that came out of my mouth after watching the last episode of Ben 10: Alien Force. I was not surprised. Not because it was predictable; it wasn't. It was because my crazed friend saw it before me and couldn't help telling me. I loved it mostly because of the way it ended. It left you happy and complete(let me just say that shirtless Kevin is waay better than garahe Kevin). The episode leaves one thing clear. There IS a Gwevin. YAY!. I am still speechless because of the episode and the fact that Gwen KISSED Kevin. You guys have to admit that you hate Gwen a little because...
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posted by MOFOprincess
Here is a summary before the review.

Kevin and Darkstar set aside their difference so they could find a mysterious artifact called the Dominos Librium that could return them to their nakaraan forms. Kevin and Michael Morningstar both lose their powers and gets turned back to human. Gwen finds out that Kevin's return to human was involving Michael. She locates Michael at his hideout, but Michael, who now uses the Librium to absorb energy, began draining Gwen of her power. Kevin and Ben come to help, but Michael starts absorbing Swampfire's power as well. Kevin couldn't watch Gwen go down, so...
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posted by MOFOprincess
This is my review of the season premiere of Ben 10: Alien Force season three! To start off, my view of their new outfits! Kevin- one word- HOT. It looks like he was wearing a work uniform like what you would see at a garage. Is it possible he got a REAL job? Not just interplanitary entrepenuring? Not likely; he sinabi later on in the ipakita when they were going to hack the omnitrix that he aquired tech to make the big machine so he is still a bad boy. :)I hate how Kevin is mutated, he is a better fighter but i just wish he could change back. Eventually I think. But whoever decided to put him in...
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