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This is a story about our Beyblading Team Kenzi, Mei, Kiro, Zendo, and Alvin. This tells how they became mga kaibigan and their journey through the World Tournaments! So lets ilipat on shall we?


*Kenzi's P.O.V.*
Ugh, I'm so bored......
Kiro: *walking around the city* There's no one to battle around here…
Kenzi:Hmm? I wonder if it's too late to sumali the World Tournaments? *walks around and notices Kiro*
Kiro: *sees Kenzi* You a blader? *taking out Flame Tigero*
Kenzi:You bet I am! I'm hoping to be a Jananese Representitive along with Ginka and the others!
Kiro: Hmph. Lets test your skill....
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