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 It feels amazing and it's awesome to be recognized for it!
It feels amazing and it's awesome to be recognized for it!
I'm happy to present our February FOTM with the amazing Julia, very loyal CB tagahanga since the very beginning spreading the pag-ibig for them everywhere she gets and greatly contributing to this spot. So well deserved! Without further ado, here's her interview. :)

1. Congrats on winning Julia! How does it feel to be a Chair FOTM?
It feels amazing! I've been a huge Chair tagahanga for years, but it's only recently that I started getting involved in the spot, and it's awesome to be recognized for it! I'm so happy that a bunch of us contributed to making the CB spot active again!

2. Standard question: Tell us...
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 decision time!!!
decision time!!!
A/N: hope you like this new one. at the start it goes back to one of the earlier converations of the teens. it goes to were they were talking about that hannah's parents wanted another child and hannah is about to tell her parents what she thinks of that. review
hannah came tahanan from school and handed her school bag to the maid, she walked into the living room and her father was drinking coffee and going over work and her mother was sitting beside him close and watching tv. she remembered moments like this when she was a child she would sit in...
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 pag-ibig is in the air!
love is in the air!
enjoy this one has alot madami CB scenes.
***3 days later***
the archibald apartment:

serena, nate and tristan would be tahanan soon and blair was tidying the place. the kids were at kindergarten and chuck was watching tv.

B: get your feet off the mesa chuck.
C: why?
B: because i sinabi so and stop pagganap like a child and being so ignorant.
C: fine. what happened to you being nice to me?
B: i sinabi for three days. being nice to you is just to hard.
C:(smiles) oh come on. please dont try and hide the fact that you rather being nice to me.
B: it's easier yes...
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 who are you spying on B?!
who are you spying on B?!
hope you enjoy my extra long script today. dont worry it's not the end.
GG: i have been getting pictures of B sneeking around all week but not one person can find out what she's searching for. do you know C? we could really use someones help. also serena van der woodsen checking into a hotel. there must be some scandle somewhere. gossip girl is feeling cheeky.

At the palace hotel in chuck's suite:
(chuck and blair are having a drink)

C: you have to stop stalking your best friend!
B: i cant she's hiding something from me we never keep secrets.
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 what happened last night?!
what happened last night?!
hope you enjoy it i'll right episode 4 tomorrow
GG: uy upper east siders its the susunod araw and i dont have any evidence on how chuck and blair's petsa went. get me anything you can because you know how i pag-ibig a scandle.

Waldorf apartment:

(blair is getting her nails done sa pamamagitan ng dorota)

B: god i hate that basshole.
D: what happened miss blair?
B: nothing last night didnt happen i had a boring night in and did not go on a petsa with that chuck bass'tard.
D: well whatever happened maybe it is a misunderstanding.
B: no its chuck being chuck, he's so far up his...
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 Courtney's other paborito couple, Jate!
Courtney's other favorite couple, Jate!
I’m happy to present our March FOTM interview (sorry it’s so delayed) with Courtney, an amazing member of the CB spot and a great friend of mine! She’s a true CB tagahanga and definitely deserves this honor. Now let’s get on to the interview!

Congratulations Courtney! You totally deserve this! How does it feel to be Chair FOTM?
Thanks, J! It feels amazing. My pag-ibig for Chair has skyrocketed in the last few months, and it’s such an honor to be considered worthy of this pamagat sa pamamagitan ng people who are definitely bigger fans than I.

1. Tell us something new about yourself.
Hmm. I live in Alaska, in case...
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Story: "Never knew you were here all along"

Author: Ana

Pairing: Chuck/Blair

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gossip Girl.

Summary: AU CB with mentions of NS ‘I was hurt sa pamamagitan ng Nate, angry that he was with me when he wanted Serena. And still I did the same to you. I let you be here for me, let you pag-ibig me. I was afraid of being alone and I used you even though I didn’t pag-ibig you. And I know you shouldn’t ever forgive me, because I’m sure I will never forgive Nate completely but I am sorry.

This is AU version of how Chuck and Blair could get together if 1x07 didn’t happen. And also in this fic Bart...
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posted by edwestwick
Story: "A Break"

Author: Ana

Pairing: Chuck/Blair

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gossip Girl.

Summary: Two-shot. 'I think... that we should take a break.' 'What? What the hell are you talking about?' Is she crazy or something? They are going to get married and she wants to take a break? Or this is a way to tell him it's over?

Thanks for all the reviews, I loved them! I’m happy you liked first chapter but I decided to make it two-shot before posting it and I’m going to leave it that way as I have other longer stories and I think it’s good ending, hope you’ll think so too after reading. Let me...
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Story: "We started nothing"

Author: Ana

Pairing: Chuck/Blair

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gossip Girl or song Iris sa pamamagitan ng Goo Goo Dolls.

Summary: Pre-series. 'I promised I would break up with him tonight.' He ran his hand along her body. 'You always say that and you're still together.'

This is AU so you may think it would never happen, I just thought what if they had a ‘thing’ before Victrola? Anyway let me know what you think and thanks for pagbaba =)

'And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming
Or the moment of truth in your lies
When everything feels like the movies
And you bleed just to know...
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Last chapter Ed had proposed to Leighton and they had sealed that deal… what happens now?

Leighton and Ed had arrived back in New York the nakaraan araw and were back on set, they had decided not to tell anyone about the engagement so Leighton couldn’t wear her ring that she loved so much, it showed everyone that she was taken and who sa pamamagitan ng and she loved that fact, that after years of flirting around each other they had gotten together and neither could be happier.

It was around four in the morning when Leighton woke up having to run to the bathroom to be sick, she had been feeling sick for...
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 Spotted: Chuck....alone again?
Spotted: Chuck....alone again?

My 1st ever one shot, i hope ive written it well, i usually do multi episode script format fics so i hope this goes down well. Its nothing that good to be honest, its just cuz i got a feeling after watching 2x06 and wanted to change the ending of the episode, so here goes...!

Takes place as the gang are leaving Yale unibersidad at the end of 2x06 New Haven Can Wait.

Chuck was standing susunod to his limo, he was about to get in when he spotted Nate with Dan in the distance, talking, laughing.
He couldn't believe it, that should have been him.


wait, Chuck bass never compares himself to...
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posted by sleepin-beauty
This takes place after the Blair/Nate halik in 2x20. Hope you like it this is my first ever fanfiction please comment and tell me what you think.

Tonight Will Change Our Lives

He couldn't believe his eyes. He felt like his puso had been ripped from his chest and thrown to the floor. He couldn't breathe. This wasn’t right. Blair was not meant to be with Nate, she was meant to be with him. They were Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck. Nothing mattered without her and he had ruined everything.

If he had just told her that he loved her none of this would be happening. Why couldn't he say it? He felt...
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 Not doing good B
Not doing good B
Okay so here it is, the finale. Oh My God, Really 23 episodes, God I can't believe I wrote that much. And sorry for how long this is it's double the usual well it is the finale so I had to. Well I've loved Pagsulat these and I hope you've loved pagbaba them. I've tried my absolute best to have original story lines and not to have the same thing as the show, and also not to be too predictable, that's what I hate about stories. Anyway I hope you've liked The Chuck and Blair Chronicles. Since this is my last one can you please let me know what you thought of the finale, ending, and the rest of...
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 Careful Humphrey! The B bites!
Careful Humphrey! The B bites!

Gossip Girl: # Gossip Girl has a message from the reyna B herself:
"Seeing as Jenny Humphrey is so fond of using Gossip Girl I thought i might leave a special message for her on me at the steps...i have a proposal for you...."
I wonder what that's all about....i need someone on the inside to give me a scoop! xoxo Gossip Girl #

At Lunch at the steps. Blair is sitting on the steps talking to Penelope Nelly and Isabel.

B: It's the perfect plan...i know what her father is like...i've done my research...if he saw her halik an older man...
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First of a double bill, Episode 11 has also been posted with this episode!

Episode 10 - The bass Identity

Gossip Girl: # The Latest on Chuck: still down and out.....apparently reyna B has spent night and araw sa pamamagitan ng his bedside....The Upper East side is a morbid place to be right now....we're not expecting any rays of sunshine or any smiles right now....please leave your messages of condolences in our special bass Blog xoxo #

In hospital.
Chuck has spent the past few days in surgery and is still unconscious. Doctors are optimistic that he will make a full recovery, but it is hoped that he will.
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This is just a tagahanga fiction on Chuck and Blair.
It's set in 2x15- Gone with the Will.
After Chuck goes to Blair's appartment and she tells hims she's done.
Chuck as he is leaving

She sinabi she was done...Blair Waldorf was done with Chuck Bass. It couldn't be true. But It wasn't his fault, ofcourse it wasn't. Chuck kept telling himself it was Jack. Jack was to blame if he hadn't of talked him out of going to hapunan with Blair, things would be okay. Blair would still be there for him.
It's Jack's fault. Jack was to blame.
But was he though?
He kept trying to convince himself, It was Jack and not...
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 reyna asong babae 24/7!
Queen Bitch 24/7!
A/N: i forgot to mention in my last may-akda note that i made up chuck's grandfather. well enjoy this one it has been 1 week since the new edition in the basses arrived. Andrew still hasnt breathed on his own. review and enjoy
***1 week later***

Victoria was sitting on the met steps with her minions. Megan Willams daughter of Hazel Williams. Amelia van der Bilt was Tripp and Maureen van der Bilt's daughter. Jessica Coates, Izabel Coates daughter. Saffron Shafai was Penelope Shafai's daughter and last but not least Summer Beaton. daughter of Catherine...
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 ...then, I watched the scene in Blair's bedroom in 1x03 and I fell in pag-ibig with them completely. After that, my pag-ibig for them only grew stronger with each episode.
...then, I watched the scene in Blair's bedroom in 1x03 and I fell in love with them completely. After that, my love for them only grew stronger with each episode.
I am proud to pass on my crown of fotm to the one and onlylink You are an amazing CB tagahanga and you so deserve this! Congrats Girl!

All right, now let's dive right into the good stuff...

1.Hey Cintia! First of all tell us something about you.

Hey!! Umm.. I'm not the most interesting person, really.. I'm a bit of a weirdo, although I think the term unique would be madami politically correct. ;) I also have an unhealthy number of obsessions and I have a passion for the pantasiya and sci-fi genres.

2. How does it feel to be the new CB tagahanga of the Month?

Awesome!? I think it's pretty cool, considering how...
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This is my first fanfic... so sorry if it isn't very good!
please review and rate :D:D
also sorry about the Pagsulat being weird,
my comp acted up when i went to ilathala it
so it all stops about 3 miles before it
needs to :P
anyway hope you enjoy :D:D

Nate couldn’t believe Chuck had just owned up to loving Blair.
Somehow the thought of those two together tore him up inside!
So this was how Blair had felt when she’s found out about him and
Serena, WOW, it hurt! Wait though, why was it bothering him so
much, it wasn’t like he loved Blair, everyone knew he never really
had. He didn’t, did...
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posted by lozxtitchx
Blair and Chuck were sitting in the VanderBass living room when Lily and Bart walked in, Chuck and Blair had only been back from Paris for a few hours, they had been post pasko shopping and were now relaxing before they went out for a meal that Chuck had booked at a One83, a restaurant Chuck knew Blair loved.

Blair was standing in the walk in closet of her and Chuck's room trying to decide what to wear when she heard footsteps behind her and arms wrapped around her waist, ''I want you, right here, right now'' Chuck whispered in Blair's ear.

''Shut the door then'' Blair sinabi seductively and...
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