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DanielJohnson posted on Nov 19, 2007 at 04:12AM
Hi all,

I am a student at UCI, who is currently writing an article about Indian cinema for a journalism class. Although I have already contacted other sources and have done most of my research I wanted to get some feedback directly from fans of Indian Cinema about what interests them in Indian Cinema and how they first got interested in Bollywood.

My primary questions are as follows…

1. What is your earliest memory of watching a Bollywood movie?

2. Were you hooked on Bollywood right away or did you gradually become interested in it?

3. Was Indian cinema popular where you grew up or was your interest in Bollywood unique?

4. What are you favorite Bollywood films?

5. This questions a bit cliche, but how would you compare Bollywood to Hollywood?

6. For those not familiar with Bollywood films what would you like them most to know?

7. Is there anything you would like to add?

If you want to go beyond these questions though I would love to read your responses.

For background purposes the only thing I ask is that you include your full name and country (or state if you are in the US) of origin. If you do not want your full name to appear, I can list you as anonymous. Also if you feel uncomfortable posting such information on the forums you can e-mail me directly at

Thank you in advance to anyone willing to share their interest in Bollywood.

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas s29865 said…
what i love about Indian films is that when you watch an Indian film you get to forget about the world as the movie takes you away from the reality of the world and into a world of fantasy

another thing i love is that some of the topics and issues that are raised i can relate to and there it feels nice to see a topic that you can relate to being portrayed on the big screen

ive been watching bollywood films since i was a childand dont know how and when i got hooked, but sure am glad that i did

some of my faviourite bollywood films include hum dil de chuke sanam(aishwarya rai), dilwale dulhania le jayenge(shah rukh khan), bidaai (jeetendra),kati patang (rajesh khanna), devdas (aishwarya rai)amar prem (rajesh khanna), woh saat din (anil kapoor)

i think bollywood films are great as i can watch movies from any era and i will still enjoy them, also no matter how bad a movie is, i can still sit through it without getting bored whereas i cannot do this with a hollywood film, as a hollywood film has to be really good in order to interest me and get me hooked

i would like people that are not familiar with bollywood films to be clear about the misconception about all bollywood films being unrealistic andf the same as this is not true at all. in order to prove this i recomend that you watch movies such as lagaan, devdas, humdil de chuke sanam, taare zameen par, abhiman

i am from england