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booth and Buto might finally hook up!!!!!!!
Taken from EW

On Bones, Rena Sofer will shake things up between Booth and Brennan when she guest stars as a marine biologist who asks David Boreanaz's sex starved detective out on a date-an offer he deems too good to refuse. "She's definately madami of the aggressor," reveals Sofer, who shot her Buto guest turn in between episodes of NCIS, where she currently recurs as Mark Harmon's potential pag-ibig interest. Exec producer Stephen Nathan says the flirtation serves to both give Booth something resembling a personal life and "create a little turmoil" between...
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Part 1

Booth and Buto were driving along a rural and were discussing their current case. Buto was having a problem understanding why the urgent need to drive all this way just to ask a few questions.
“Booth we could have just called and asked the questions.”
“Bones we need to ipakita them the pictures and you can’t do that sa pamamagitan ng phone.”
“Well then why not do it sa pamamagitan ng email?”
“Bones this is an old pastor and his elderly wife. When I called them they mentioned that they have some additional information about our suspect. They sinabi we would have to come to their church because there was no...
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uy everyone, well heres my segundo story of B&B, this one is a bit madami hot than the first one, madami unreal actually lol, but i guess thats what is fanfic about...enjoy the pagbaba and commentin your opinion is appreciated:) sorry for mistakes.

Booth walked into the Brennans office while she wasnt there and sit on the chair.
Vrennan walked in without knowing about him. She sits on her chair with hands on her face.
„Whats wrong Bones?“ Booth ask her with soft voice.
„Oh, what are you doin here, Booth? Nothin is wrong im just tired too many sceletons this week.“
„Umh, im here...
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posted by CampRockLuver98
It was December 25 at the Jeffersonian. As usual, Temperance Brennan was looking at newly found remains. But then Booth pooped in, balancing 2 coffee cups in his left hand.
"Hey! Merry pasko Bones!" He then gave her a quick peck on the cheeck. She looked up, staring at him in confusion. "Eh... Merry pasko Booth." She took a quick sip of her coffe and looked at her paper work."Why the heck are you so..so..exited? You are almost never like this!" Booth looked at her, took a sip of his coffee, and laughed."Well, for your imformation, there is going to be this FBI get-together type thing...
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posted by VampireGirl
not all the epis, but still some mga panipi :P

The Yanks in the UK [4.1]

Booth: (as they walk past a suit of armor) Woah! Look at this guy!
Jamison: Er ... yes, sir. It dates to- please don't touch that, Agent Booth.
Brennan: Late 1490's or early 1500's ... German design?
Jamison: His Grace's ancestors fought for Henry IIX in France.
Booth: (noticing the codpiece) Oh, geez, look at the size of this. That's one large cup. Probably to scare the sissy French.
Brennan: Well, actually, Henry IIX started a trend of large codpieces because he had syphilis, so his penis was extremely sensitive to anything touching...
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Keck's Exclusives: Emily Deschanel's Buto Wedding Gift

What a present Emily Deschanel received from Buto creator Hart Hanson. After attending the actress' September nuptials, Hanson was inspired to write a wedding-themed Valentine's araw episode for Emily's directorial debut. "We all remember what Emily went through," says Hanson of the bride's wedding jitters. "She's very detail-oriented and wanted it to be perfect."

The episode, which finds a wedding planner murdered, "is one of our madami amusing cases, enabling us to have fun with everybody's relationships," says Hanson. For instance, there'll...
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According To tvguide.com, Early in its upcoming season, Fox's Buto will undergo a big transition as the investigative team finally closes the case on its greatest adversary. But as the dust settles, an even worse threat will emerge — and one tagahanga paborito will not survive!

Watch for Deirdre Lovejoy to reappear for her final turn as murderous Heather "Gravedigger" Taffet, who has one last card to play after being convicted. Executive producer Hart Hanson says the same episode will introduce "someone much worse, who will dog us for the season." (A male will likely be cast as this new menace,...
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posted by SCarbone
Chapter 1

It has only been five weeks since she left Washington DC and joined the expedition to examine the skeletons found in Indonesia. Buto knew that this would be something she could sink her mind into and remove herself from all other distractions. The only problem was that uri ng bulaklak Wick had also come and she kept reminding Dr. Brennan how much she appreciated her recommendation. Buto usually could ignore her but it was starting to get on her nerves.

This araw had been especially bad. She had asked a number of the people to process certain tests on the remains and uri ng bulaklak had been at her elbow...
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posted by amymeymy
Ok, this part is long, so brace yourself... ;)

“Damn it.”
Angela was following Brennan and she was now reduced to hiding behind a plant with wheels that she had managed to station a few feet from Brennan‘s office. But she had moved and Angela couldn‘t see her anymore. When Angela had moved slightly, she had torn a few leaves off of it.
“Damn what?”
Angela jumped so high she knocked the pieces of paper that Cam was carrying onto the floor.
“Oh, sorry!” Angela quickly bent down to pick them up.
“What are you doing?” Cam asked, looking down at Angela, not bothering to help her.
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sa pamamagitan ng tvfan5 and alysha_x :)

So i'm sure many of you have heard the spoiler about something that happens in the end of the Brennan-centric episode that causes tension between Booth, Brennan and Hannah. We were brainstorming on what this thing could possibly be. Feel free to comment your ideas and I'll put it on here :)

I know some might seem far-fetched, but we had to add the idea anyway :)

1. Brennan tells Booth she's open to the idea of a relationship with him now.
2. Brennan tells Booth she loves him.
3. Some sort of physical act (kiss, hug, etc)--that Hannah possibly sees.
4. Booth puts Brennan...
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posted by amymeymy
Sweets took a deep breath before he knocked on Hacker’s door. He was nervous; of course he was. He was about to lie, willingly, to the deputy director of the FBI.
“Yes?” he heard.
“Um…” he tried to think.
“Come in” Hacker sighed.
Sweets took another breath. Feeling this nervous was wimp-like. If wasn’t that big a deal.
“Yes?” Hacker asked again once Sweets had made it inside. “I’m a very busy man.”
“Oh, I know.” Sweets said, considering leaving and coming back another time. But he couldn’t bring himself to. “It’s about Dr. Brennan.”
Hacker grunted and put down...
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ok guys.. i'm really freaking out!!
this whole read spoiler thing was a bad idea.. and really freaking out..
i know its like only 2 madami weeks but i cant take it
if soro doesn't give us a promo or a sneak pic or something.. i gonna kill my self..

SPOILER ALERT!! (another warning just in case.. i really don't wanna make any one else freak out. cause i sure am.)

ok according to buddytv.com
um.. when Buto return some one is gonna get shot..
well the exact words are " will fall to a sniper's bullet*
and i have been trying to figure out who.
so we all know its not a permanent cast member...
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Brennan heard the phone ringing in the susunod room and thought who would be calling so early in the morning. She let the answering machine pick up the call but then the phone rang again. She knew she had better get the phone before it wakes up Booth. As she got out of kama she glanced at the clock and noticed that it was 3:26 PM. Now she realized that they had slept longer than just a few hours. Of course they had not fallen asleep until long after they had gone to bed. She remembered how Booth had carried her into the bedroom despite his wounds and had laid her upon the bed. She could still feel...
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posted by SCarbone
Chapter 4

The letter when it finally reached Booth was filled with how the trip from Indonesia to Paris took less time than the flight from DC to Indonesia. She described how they were going to continue to examine the remains for the susunod few weeks and in the susunod buwan or two she would be through with it and be preparing the paper on the discovery. She also told him about meeting Hodgins and Angela at the airport and their apartment in Paris. She told him about being within walking distance to the Arc de Triomphe and how Angela was going to take her to the Champs Elysee and ipakita her the obelisk...
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posted by imcrazybones
uy guys, here's part 4 :)

Tik-tok-tik-tok.... the only sound that is now present in Sweets' office.
-Why am I here ? - asked Ashleigh
-Because Dr.Brennan and Booth sinabi that you have some kind of a problem that we need to settle.
-No, they're lying. They left me here because they don't wanna be around me and you're now my babysitter.
-What is about you and you're problem ? - he asked falling into his greyish chair with hands on the hand holder.
-I have no problem.
-There most be.
A silent moment.
-Fine, then I'll call Booth and he will tell me if you don't-
-No, no, okaay...
-So .. ?
-They're just...
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Michaela Conlin ("Bones") has joined the Matthew McConaughey legal thriller "The lincoln Lawyer," based on Michael Connelly's best-selling tome about a defense attorney who works out of the back of his lincoln Continental.
Project is in preproduction with Brad Furman ("The Take") directing the pic from an adapted screenplay sa pamamagitan ng John Romano ("Nights in Rodanthe"). Lakeshore Entertainment and Sidney Kimmel Entertainment are producing with Stone Village Pictures.

Conlin will play a tough homicide detective. John Leguizamo, Marisa Tomei, Ryan Phillippe and William H. Macy have been previously announced as cast members.
posted by Carbone
Booth went to the laundry and pulled his jeans from the dryer. They were still a little damp but he knew he had better leave. Even though he loved Buto he did not know how she felt and besides she might have had too much to drink to think clearly. He wanted her to want him fully cognizant. He gathered his dyaket and was slowly going towards the front door where Buto was standing. Buto wanted him to stay but did not know what to say. Usually she has no problems talking with Booth, but something kept her from asking him to stay. Instead she asked. “Where did you park your car?”
Booth: “In...
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Buto and numb3rs slash story
It all started one araw when 2 FBI agents from different departments got the same call hello Eppes he sinabi just waking up just then he heard his boss answer
Boss: don do you have a minuto we need to talk it’s about your brother
Don: ya sure what about Charlie (don asked looking at his watch
Boss: we need to see him so bring him to the café
Don: ya ok but why then his boss hung up on him
On the other side of L.A. east of Hollywood drive another agent got a call and was just waking up ya what is it its 5:00 O’clock in the morning then his boss spoke
Boss: ya...
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posted by amymeymy
Just an idea I made up... obviously... same old same old, let me know if you want more:)

Booth walked back into the Jeffersonian to pick up Brennan for dinner. They had just solved another case, and it was tradition. When he saw that she had already finished all the paperwork and was getting ready to leave, continued his merry way. He enjoyed spending time with her.
“Ok, Bones, what’ll it be tonight?” Booth asked her happily as he walked into her office. “Sushi, Tai, Pizza… have I ever reminded you about how good you’re mac n’ cheese is?” he stopped when he realized that there...
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Everything had seemingly gone back to normal; Booth and Sweets were released from the hospital, Sweets had started coming back to work and Booth had been immediately reinstated as soon as he got a ‘clean bill of health’. John was now definitely in jail, with a sore jaw.
Today was Booth and Brennan’s first ‘couples counselling’ since ‘the incident‘, as both of them decided to call it. When they arrived, they went in cautiously, one after another. Booth still felt sorry for Sweets, and Brennan hadn’t told anyone about her feelings for Booth; she was extremely cautious around him...
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