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I need help looking for a book!

It has to do with the image featured here of the tornado and lightning. I understand that it is a famous image, but it was used in a weather type informational book, almost like an encyclopedia, that I used to bring tahanan from school and devour. It's Pagsulat was meant for adults, but I adored it. This image was featured as an introduction into a chapter. I was really hoping someone could help me discover the name of the book.

I don't know the name or the may-akda (I'm not even sure there IS one specific author), but the cover was a light blue and may have featured a tornado.

I understand most people don't read informational books for fun, but I'm one of those oddities that does, so if you can help me that would be MAGNIFICENT! If you can't, no worries in the slightest as this is an odd request. :)
 I need help looking for a book!
 x-menobsessed26 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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