Books to Read Sequels I would like to read but haven't gotten around to buying yet; which is your favorite/looks like something you'd read?

Pick one:
Scorch (#2 in the Croak series)
Unhitched (#2 in The Untold Story of the Evil Queen)
The Crimson Crown (#4 in the Seven Realms novels)
Midnight Jewel (#2 in the Glittering Court series)
Lady Thief (#2 in the Scarlet series)
Dark Triumph (#2 in the Grave Mercy series)
Unhinged (#2 in the Splintered series)
Torment (#2 in the Fallen series)
The Nawawala Prince (#5 in the Iron Fey series)
Iron Traitor (#6 in the Iron Fey series)
 zanhar1 posted 7 months ago
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