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boytoy_84 posted on Oct 25, 2013 at 12:45AM
List your favorite 30 BMW questions -

1. Favorite Character:
Shawn Hunter

2. Favorite Season of BMW:
6th Season

3. Favorite Relationship:
Cory & Topanga

4. Favorite Friendship:
Cory & Shawn

5. Favorite Cory Moment:
Cory changes his hairstyle (Cory's Alternative Friends)

6. Favorite Shawn Moment:
When Shawn dressed up like Danny Zuko (I Was A Teenage Spy)

7. Favorite Topanga Moment:
When Topanga had a crush on Eric (She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not)

8. Favorite Eric Moment:
Eric helps an older man with his monkey "Eric" by giving him money to bring Little Eric his girlfriend, Isabella. (You Light Up My Union)

9. Favorite Jack Moment:
When Jack wrestles with Shawn in their bedroom (Raging Cory)

10. Favorite Angela Moment:
Angela does the screaming when she sees something creepy (And then there was Shawn)

11. Favorite Rachel Moment:
When Rachel, Eric and Jack are at the library and she stands up to the girl. when the girl says "you wanna piece of me?" (Poetic License: An Ode to Holden Caulfield)

12. Favorite BMW season 1 episode:
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

13. Favorite BMW season 2 episode:
Who's Afraid of Cory Wolf?

14. Favorite BMW season 3 episode:
The Happiest Show on Earth

15. Favorite BMW season 4 episode:
Chick Like Me

16. Favorite BMW season 5 episode:
Raging Cory

17. Favorite BMW season 6 episode:
And in Case I Don't See Ya...

18. Favorite BMW season 7 episode:
It's About Time

19. Best in drag:
Shawn as Veronica Wasboyski

20. Favorite Actor Cameo:
Pat Morita from "Karate Kid" (I was a teenage spy)

21. Least favorite episode:
Angela's Ashes (so sad, poor Shawn)

22. Favorite Feeny Moment:
When Mr. Feeny gets annoyed by Eric calling him "FEENY!"

23. Favorite Cory/Topanga Moment:
When Cory thought Topanga was pregnant and he was gonna help her and the baby.

24. Favorite Cory quote:

25. Favorite Topanga quote:
"I have a weird middle name."

26. Favorite Shawn quote:
"It's Shawnzie"

27. Favorite Eric quote:
"Life's tough, Get a helmet."

28. Favorite Jack quote:
"I'm poor" and *touches his hair* "I can't do that to Jack."

29.Favorite Angela quote:
n/a I don't have one

30. Favorite Rachel quote:
"I don't need you to defend me, Apple boy!"

What are your answers?
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Persephone713 said…
Eric Matthews
Cory and Topanga
Cory and Shawn
When Cory goes overboard with Honesty
When Shawn and Cory are joking about how much fun they will have with Josh, to lighten up the sadness
When she has fighting match with Eric over the apartment
( TOO many Fav Eric moments but one is ) Eric thinks he is going to be a hot model-which he would be, even strikes a sexy pose on the counter and says " Dont hate because Im beautiful" and in the end his model job is to be a Lobster
When he falls of the wagon and goes a little crazy with gambling " 12 steps YEAH right! Im on the next step 13 relapse".
When she doesn't want to help Rachel with the Garage sale so she says " that sounds great Rachel you start in the Spring and I will catch up with you in the Fall".
When Rachel first moves in and breaks it hard to Eric and Jack " We are going to be JUST .. LIKE.. Girlfriends!"
1.Model Family
2. Whos afraid of the Cory Wolf
3.Rave On
4.Shallow Boy
5.No Guts No Cory
6.The Truth about Honesty
7. They're Killing us
Eric as Chanel Dubois
fav. Cameo: Rue McClanahan as Grandma Bernice
Least Fav.Episode:
And then there was shawn
Fav. Feeny moment:
after Eric says " FEENY THIS WAR HAS TO STOP!- " Eric I have no Idea what you're talking about, and that's the way ah ha ah ha I like it! ( like the disco song)"
Fav. Cory Topanga Moment:
When he is trying to give her faith in love again and says to her, Angela and Shawn, " Im gonna fix you, and you and you! and then Im gonna take A BATH!"
Fav. Cory Quote:
his Dad Alan brings a trunk into his dorm room, and he says " Yay! MY PUDDIN TRUNK!"
Topanga Quote:
" Musty little Devil isnt it" after trying on Amy's wedding dress.
Shawn Quote"
" My name is Shawn and I have a problem" after going through Rachels underwear.
Eric Quote
" I have finally found my niece" - you mean niche.
Rachel quote:
" Rachel? thats what my boyfriend used to call me!"
Jack Quote
" Yeah, they'll forgive us, while they are looking at our thumbs in a jar"