Brucas Story game [HOT!]

monLOVEbrucas posted on Oct 26, 2009 at 06:16AM
This is on the CAT spot and its fun!!
So what will happen is you just add FIVE words or less to the person's word's before you, and it keeps going and a story is created!

Mon - Brooke cried alot,
Janni - she hated Peyton,
Nem - she wanted revange!
Mary - Lucas agreed.

LOl ^^^ shit example but you get me, its just going to be a very random brucas story!
There are no rules, just be as anti to pucas as you want and pro to brucas as you want :)

P.S - FIVE words or less only remember.
One person updates the whole story each page.

Lucas kissed Brooke, because he can't stay any longer with Peyton who kept eyeing him like she's a sexy Brooke, which she is not!
"Peyton!" Brooke screamed, "fuck you bitch"
Brooke slaps Peyton, pulls her hair, kicks her penis, pokes her eyes and whispers, "Lucas is mine"
"No" Peyton shouts. Peyton runs off into the wall! Brooke starts laughing until Peyton doesnt move and suddenly Brooke remembered how this is dejavu-ish!
Later Nathan appears and caught BL in the spa, making out.
"Nathan, get out!" Brooke screamed.
"Nothing i havnt seen" He gets a camera, and takes pictures and joins them!
Nathan kisses brooke, while Lucas gets the camera and takes some pictures.
Nathan grabs Brooke's, arms and her hair and her boobs. Brooke than starts too Brooke herself, but Nathan stops her and does it for her, So Lucas starts kissing Brooke's neck, but Nathan starts kissing Brookes stomach and pushes Lucas away. Lucas pushes Nathan again but gets Brooke instead but Brooke starts too grab Lucas and make out.
Brooke than grabs Nathan too and wraps her legs around his waist, then Lucas wraps his arms around her from behind and kisses her neck!
Nathan then starts too move into Brooke while Lucas grips her hair backwards, while kissing her down her back.
Brooke moans, Nathan keeps on thrusting her, and it feels like the earth is shaking! "Im nearly there" Nathan moans, Brooke pulls him closer and tightens him around her with her legs, while her fingers are clinging to his brown sweaty hair.
"Lucas, you're turn" Nathan says through his heavy breathing, Brooke turns and faces Lucas, Lucas start to grab her hair, and to bite her neck. Brooke moves into Lucas more, While Nathan goes from behind, he pushes in, Brooke feels a whole new world in every inch of her body!

Meanwhile Brooke drags lucas closer, her fingers digging into his back, and he shivers, growing harder moving into her, while sucking her nipple deeper into his mouth. Nathan rubs Brooke's neck and runs one hand down her side, Brooke grabs his other hand and, brings it to her lips copying their rhythm with one of nathan's fingers and her mouth. Nathan moans, Brooke moans, Lucas moans.
Than suddenly Brooke hears someone, "shh" she whispers. They turn to the sound and see Peyton in the doorway! And they see that she is crying! "I was about to cum" Nathan whispers, "is it that cyring whore again!?" says Lucas in an irritated voice. They all turn to Peyton, "What?!" They all scream at her and poor Peyton starts to cry again.
Brooke gets out of the tub and walks over and slaps her so hard that the ghsot of Peyton hits the ground! Nathan walks up behind her, "good girl" he whispers "thats my pretty girl"
"She's my pretty girl" Lucas says in an angry tone, "Does it look like i care!?" Nathan says with an irritated voice! "Boys, stop it! Nathan, Lucas is right, Im his pretty girl"
"Well, you can behave all pretty with him if you want, as long as we get to the other not so pretty stuff together", Nathan says while smirking at Lucas. Lucas flexed his muscles and stepped closer to Nathan "I think its time that you leave" Lucas's voice hard, his eyes filled with anger,
"Who are YOU to tell me to leave!?" NAthan hissed back! He grabs Brooke and starts to kiss her in front of Lucas. Brooke couldn't help but move her hand down Nathan's back, putting her fingers through his hair and her leg around his waist. The blood started to pump thru Lucas's waist! He walked slowly but determend towards them... HE put's his hand slowly around Brooke's waist from behind, and grabbed her towards him! He grabs her face and kisses her with fierceness, Brooke pushes him away but his stronger and kisses her again, Brooke stops fighting and jumps into his arms, looking back at nathan, she whispers "Im sorry"
Lucas smirks at Nathan, then continues to make out with Brooke! This doesn't fit well with Nathan, he punches Lucas so hard that he falls to the ground with BRooke in his hands, Brooke screams, "Broody!" and kisses the fast appearing bruise. Nathan rolls his eyes, and pulls brooke up, "I want you babe" he says, as he pushes Brooke up against the wall and kisses her neck. Brooke pushes him away, "sorry, i prefer the bigger brother" she smirked looking down before going back to Lucas who was standing up. "Brooke" Nathan says in a sad voice, Brooke was about to talk but Lucas cuts her off, "why are we still naked?!" he shouts. "because we were having fun before the blonde bitch interrupted!" nathan roared, mind flashing back to the spa. we see a flash back of Brooke wrapping her legs around Nathan's waist while Lucas is biting her neck "She always does this!" Brooke sobs, "and you didn't even get to finish cumming!" Brooke sighs, Lucas coughs, "I did..actually" uh... me too... twice" Nathan scratched his head, Brooke kinked her eyebrow "can I catch up?" Nathan puts his hand down to her V and Brooke's, Brooke for her,"sure babe"
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