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"Hey!!!! I was listening to that...." said Bevin, as fast as she noticed that the radio was off.

"Well now not anymore, I have things on my mind, that I need to clear. And that can only be happen when it's quiet..." said Brooke on a lil anger tone.

"Owww yes, that problem thingy with Lucas." said Bevin on a lil funny tone. Brooke looked then a lil anger at Bevin.

"Owwkeee... I get it, I will shut up." said Bevin on a sarcasticly tone.

Haley asked at Lucas "Have you already called her Luke???"

"Who?? Who should I call then?" asked he, like he didn't knew the answer on that question already.

"C'mon you know who... Brooke of course. Who else??? I know you had a fight with her, before you left." Haley said on the unsure tone, didn't know how he would react on it.

"How did you knew that???" asked Lucas.

"C'mon I'm your best friend, I can see it imidiate, btw I saw it in your eyes that their was something wrong, you have then something, don't really know how to say it in words. It's the way how you stare then." said Haley with a confident tone.

"Yes we had a fight, I just hope ...." Lucas stopped, like he had saw a ghost, but it wasn't that, it was Dan he saw, he felt on the ground. Lucas stopped inmideatly the car, stepped out and runned to Dan. He putted Dan up and saw that he was shotted.

"It was... it was..." Dan started to say but then he felt conscious. Lucas brought him to the hospital right away.

"He's my father, he has been shot." said he to a nurse, They operate him, removed the bullet, and brought him to his room, where Lucas and Haley were waiting.

"Ok the bullet is removed, he's stabile now, but he's in a coma, cause of a complication, we had lost him for a minute."

Haley took her cell and called Nathan. "Nathan something has happen to Dan. He has been shot..."

It was silent on the other side of the cell...

"C'mon Nathan, say something" asked Haley.

"Yeah and so what, he will survive it, he's like the devil, he can't die." said Nathan on a verry Sarcastic tone.

"C'mon Nathan, don't say such things" reacted Haley on his answer.

"Sorry Hales got to go, basket practice I will see you later" Nathan putted out his plone.

"Ow shit, cheerleaderspractice, got to go Lucas do you mind if I use the car, if I'm late or not make it, Brooke is gonna kill me." said Haley really fast, while she left the room.

"Okee fine, I do want that you live, so we still can talk and that you're not killed by my Brooke" said Lucas.

"I've really missed this moments Luke" said Hailey with a happy time. "Owww got to go, you know Brooke..."

"Me to Hales, me to and yeah I know her. She can be so sometimes. That's why I love her so much. Owww do you wanna say her, that I want to see her after practice, we really need to talk"

"Sure Luke I will do that" she ran to the car, started the car and drive away. Lucas took his jacket and walked home.
Haley made it to the practice just on time...

"Where were you Haley, you need to be on time. We need to functione as a team and as long noone is here on time, we can't do that, you need to be on time, everytime it is someone else, mostly Bevin except today, cause she had a lift of me." Said Brooke verry serious to Haley.

"Heyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! That's mean, you know I can't help it" said Bevin from far.

"Whatever......" reacted Brooke really like urgh, like she cares about it.

"Yes Brooke I will remember and be there on time" she said while she was rolling her eyes up.

"Oh and Lucas asked if you could see him after practice, he wants to talk with you" said Haley to Brooke a lil scared, not knowing how she would react on that.

"Sure is fine, why not. We do need a lil chat." answerred Brooke like she didn't care much. Rachel saw that from in the back. And Yelled to Brooke "Brooke do you have a lil fight with the boyfriend."

Brooke thought that she could explode, when she heared those words coming from Rachel.
"Hmmm maybe it's time for me to take my chance again with Lucas..." thought rachel and she started to think what she could do.

"Ok girls enough chat, time for practice" yelled Brooke at the girls.

Finally home, Lucas put away his Jacket and said "Mom I'm home, anyone here?"

He looked around but saw nobody. He took a shower, putted some fresh clothes on. Started to write a letter, but watched at his watch and saw that it was time leave. He left and bought on his some flowers, roses, a whole bunch of them.

A couple of minutes before practice has ends, a young tall handsome guy walkes in, wearing jeans and a black shirt. went to the banks and sat, and watch the cheerleaders practicing. His eyes felt first on Haley then to Rachel, but then saw a girl, handsome brunette with curly hair. Hmmm she is worth be my girlfriend.

"Ok girls practice is over, you've done a great job today, keep up the good work" said Brooke to motivate the girls.

Brooke stayed behind for a minute, Haley come to her and asked "Brooke you're ok?"
"Yeah I guess, I really need to solve problems with Lucas." she said, while she was sighing.

Then the handsome guy went go to Brooke and said "He handsome, you would know what looks good on you me"
"Oh please did that sentence ever worked on someone?" she said while he was looking at him, screening him.
"And you are who???" she asked.

"Oh I'm everyone you want to be" he said full confidence.

"Yeah right, then you're my lil dog Bruno, you like the name?" she said already knowing he would like it.

"Funny, sense of humor I like it" He answerred and Brooke looked surprised at him.

"No the name is Kevin, I'm the new guy here, I moved in here together with my 2 cousins, a twin." he answerred.

Nathan saw how he was flirting and didn't liked that, Lucas was his brother and protected his relation also, he thought it was time to do something back for him. Went over to Brooke and Haley. "Hey hon, you look fabulous as always. How was the trip with Lucas" he asked.

"It was good. i had a great time, really missed the moments between us." she answerred.
"Oh that's good and you are who mister???" he asked at Kevin.

"The name is Kevin, this girl's future boyfriend and you are???" he said while laughing at Brooke.

"I'm Nathan, Lucas's brother who this lovely girl's boyfriend. So sorry dude, maybe next time." he answerred as fast as he could to Kevin at a sarcastic tone. "C'mon Hales where out of here, i've really missed you" he said at a really charming tone.

"Awww I missed you" while she pressed herself against his chest and gave him a kiss.

Now Brooke and Kevin where there alone. And Kevin didn't stopped flirting with her and asked "So you dating his brother e, is it serious? He can't bemore handsommer then me e? How much chance do I have with you?"

"You having chance yeah, in your dreams." said Brooke on a like she didn't care.

"So you do like me? Otherwise you wouldn't visit me in my dreams." he got her know, and she knew it.

She was going to react on that, sudden a door goes open and she saw that it was Lucas with a bunch a roses. He saw them both and that Brooke was having a good time...

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That's really good! =]
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Well, sorry to mention this but Dan was shot and even if nobody likes him it is not normal that nobody cares or talks about it...