Brucas Peyton's biggest asong babae moments?

alwaysforever posted on Jul 29, 2010 at 02:13AM
So I know this isn't really Brucas related but I wanted to get you guys's opinions.

So I just re-watched the Lindsey/Peyton scenes from 5x09 "For Tonight You`re Only Here to Know" and I'm not sure I've ever hated Peyton more. Not only does she harass Lindsey non-stop but then she has the nerve to whine to Brooke about how they changed the carpet in the library since the day she and lucas kissed there(You know when Brucas were still together!!!)

So my Peyton's bitchiest moment is pretty much that whole episode but espically when she goes on and on about Lindsey's dead dad.

What do you guys think is Peyton's bitchiest moment?

Brucas 2 ang sumagot

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dean-girlx said…
I HATE HER SO MUCH FOR THAT. She was ALWAYS a bitch to Lindsey :( and all the poor girl did was give her heart to Lucas.

Anyway in 3x22 when Peyton she says "And you even said last night at Tric that you didn't really miss him" (something like that ;) i'm off on the wording) and then later when she asks Brooke "Do you love him?" - she is such a selfish cunt. I want to smack her!

Also later on when she tells/warns Brooke that Lucas deserves to be with someone who loves him -- like Brooke doesn't?! GOD. She's a whore. >:(
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas alwaysforever said…
OMG Yes that's my second Peyton's bitchiest moment! When she says "And by the way none of that was 'yes Peyton I love him'" I wanted to slap her so hard! I'm like where do you get the nerve to question her about her love for HER boyfriend!

Brucas has a love that Peyton will never understamd. God I hate her so much!