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Jessica4695 posted on Sep 07, 2010 at 04:03PM
Alright guys , I already made a pick and many people wanted to join so here is how it goes:

So, on this forum you can post reasons why YOU ship Brucas. Any reason at all! GET CREATIVE!
Everytime there is 5 or 10 new responses I will make a pick. After we have a certain amount of replies we can do an ultimate of all the winners: What’s the BEST reason to ship this AMAZING couple?

total credit for this goes to : link

link; Winner: xoheartinohioxo ; because it was Brooke who he truly wanted standing next to him when all his dreams came true; And Brooke was there BOTH times!

link; Winner: Dean-girlx ; because their love doesn't really need words.

link; Winner : Irreversible ; Because she is the biggest part of his world.

link ; Winner : Irreversible;Because he forgave her , even when it was too much to forgive .

link ; Winner : Dean-girlx;Because he was the one boy that she might have lost it for.

link; Winner : Dean-girlx; Because there is this other girl, her name is Brooke Davis .. and he is COMPLETELY in love with her.

link; Winner: alwaysforever;Because if she needs to hear why he loves her, he can go on all night.

link ; Winner: alwaysforever;b/c Brooke is the other half, NOT a footnote

Round 9 : link
 Alright guys , I already made a pick and many people wanted to sumali so here is how it goes: So, on t
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