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 Bruce live at Fenway Park
Bruce live at Fenway Park
How amazing it is going to be to have a great legend like Brice Springsteen and the Gang play at this Historical place like Fenway Park!
This taon marked the 100th anniversary of celebration of Fenway Park, so what a better way than to help keep this monotonous taon going than sa pamamagitan ng have a legend like Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band play at Fenway Park!
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If you missed Bruce Springsteen and the Gang after the release of "The Rising" when they were the first music group to ever ROCK link in September 2003. You don't want to miss them this time around! The city has allowed Bruce Springsteen another great opportunity to ipakita his fans just how much he loves this city!
 Dont miss this Great Show!!
Dont miss this Great Show!!
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Inside the Artist Studio: a chance to glimpse behind the scenes to learn about Zhenya 's process of making a unique portrait of Bruce Springsteen
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Bruce Springsteen at the Toronto Invictus Games convey September 30 2017 pag-awit dancing in the dark solo
Bruce Springsteen and Bring Adams Invictus
Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams
It's pretty simple, I pag-ibig Bruce's music because it spoke to the pain, the angst and the dreams I had when I was younger. Maybe that's why so many people pag-ibig his music. He told stories without being too literal and precise. He had a way of expressing hard to name emotions with his words and the music. No one could say as much with an "ooooh" as Bruce. He lived inside us all.

But then he got political, and overtly political. Why? He can have his nakakita and even express them if asked, but I am so sorry he became a disciple and fawning tagahanga of one side of politics, and joined the bandwagon of those...
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