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This Buffy ang bampira mamamatay-tao litrato might contain bustier, cocktail dress, upak, pagiging kaakit-akit, apila, and hotness.

When I heard the rumours of a Buffy movie I, like most fans, got caught up in all the excitement. Even though it's not happening as far as we know. But I actually think a new video game would be a far better idea.

Firstly, a movie if not done right has so many chances to go wrong and ruin people's memories of Buffy, but I don't see that danger in a game. If something you hate happens in a movie it's cannon, but video games aren't. So they go with a plot you dislike? not a problem it never happened.

Also, they can set it whenever they want. Your favourite character was killed off before the end?...
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Ok, I've been noticing a lot now, most of the Buffy fans are both Spuffy & Bangel fans. I think the reason is that it was something different that came on the show. A slayer fallen in pag-ibig with two Bampira Angel & Spike.


When Buffy the Vampire Slayer first came on air. All the fans were interested with the relationship with Angel & Buffy. It was something about learning the meaning of "First True Love". All the fans would talk about Why Angel left Buffy?..We find this answer in Season 3, and Season 7 in Chosen..That still doesn't satifsy all the fans now. After the break-ups...
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