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the scoobies after buffy's death put the buffybot to kill and they doesn't say to anyone anything!willow tara xander and anya do a spell and bring buffy back they believed that she was in hell but buffy tells only to spike that she had been in heaven!willow does to much magig and that is why tara leaves her.giles goes to england.buffy kisses spike and she does sex with him a lot of times but she doesn't pag-ibig him.xander leaves anya at the church and she does sex with spike.buffy tells that she was in heaven and three nords worren jonathan and andriou want to hurt buffy but finally they kill tara and that makes willow back to magic to kill them she kills worren and the scoobies protect the others.willow is really bad and wants to destroy the world!xander tallks to her and she is ok and spike went and did some challenges to take his soul!
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