After Sakura Avalon captured all of the Clow Cards, she is now "Master of the Clow". But what would happen if another Cardcaptor or Gurdian of the cards and the Clow comes to her? This story will cover it all.


Our story first begins at the household of Sakura. Inside the house, Sakura is getting ready for school.

Sakura- Kero, I'm heading for school now. So don't so anything crazy while I'm gone OK?

Kero- Of course Sakura. I'll make sure nothing bad happens.

Sakura- Great. Well, bye now. (Runs out of her room and shuts the door)

While she was skating her way to school, she turned around the corner of the kalye and notcied a tiny ferret sniffing around a garbage can. She was shocked to see this tiny mammal because never in her life she's noticed a strange creature like a ferret. She got a little closer to the creature to look at it and notcied it has brown to blackish coat. When the creature turned around, he screamed in fright sa pamamagitan ng Sakura's apperance. The ferret fell down inside the can.

Sakura: Oh my! Are you okay?

The ferret cralwed out of the garabage which was too hard to crawl out of. Then, the creature spoke.

Kasey- Yeah, I'm fine. But please don't ever scare me like that again. You alomst gave me a puso attack.

Sakura- I know..I'm very sorry about that. Do you have a name?

Kasey- Why, yes I do. My name is Kasey. I'm a human inside, but I'm all animal outside.

Sakura: All animal? Wait. Do you mean, you can transform into creatures?

Kasey: That's right.

Sakura: Wow! Could you transform into a cat?

Kasey: (Snaped his fingers)

And with that, he was a cat.

Sakura: That's amazing!

She really wanted to see madami of his powers, but she realized she was late.

Sakura: Oh my gosh! (Turns to Kasey) Well, I'm sorry Kasey. I really need to get going. I'm gonna be late for school. Bye! (Waves to him and contuines skating)

Kasey: Hmmm..(Scratches his chin) There is something about that girl...

Kasey took a long thinking into who she was. Is Kasey really starting to understand about Sakura? Will he get a chance to experince his Cardcaptor abilties? Stay tune for "Cardcaptor Sakura Meets Kasey- Part 2- Kasey's True Identy".