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This Cardcaptor Sakura wolpeyper might contain palumpon, kurpinyo, posy, and nosegay.

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Here's the list:-

The palaso

The Big

The Bubbles

The ulap

The Create

The Dark

The Dash

The Dream

The Earthy

The Erase

The Fight

The Firey

The Float

The bulaklak

The Fly

The Freeze

The Glow

The Illusion

The Jump

The Libra

The Light

The Little

The Lock

The Loop

The Maze

The Mirror

The Mist

The ilipat

The Power

The Rain

The Return

The Sand

The Shadow

The Shield

The Shot

The Silent

The Sleep

The Snow

The Song

The Storm

The Sweet

The Sword

The Through

The Thunder

The Time

The Twin

The Voice

The Watery

The Wave

The Windy

The Wood

The Hope

The Void.
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Hello there my mga kaibigan out there in this spot. I am here to announce a new, episodic tagahanga fic series that is based on Cardcaptors and Cardcaptor Sakura.

The idea for this fanfic series is called, "Cardcaptors Abriged". It is an episodic series that inspires the famous CLAMP anime known sa pamamagitan ng all as Cardcaptor Sakura (Cardcaptors for short). The events of this series takes place after Sakura becomes Master of the Clow and also after the events of capturing the Hope Card. Along with her friends, Madison, Li, Kero, Kasey, and Melin, they all set off on missions that are based on saving the world of Tokyo from an alien force known as the "Katu" race. Sakura must have the support of her mga kaibigan and the power of the Clow Cards in order to save Tokyo from desturction.

I am currently planning on getting episode 1 of this series done as soon as possible. Although I do not know when I will complete it. But I hope ya'll will enjoy this new fanfic series. =)
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