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pagkabata animado pelikula pangunahing tauhan babae Tanong

If CAMHs had blogs/websites what would they blog about?

Similar to the DP post, but with CAMHs instead (and bayani too I guess).

Amalthea: shades of purple as the default color, an other-worldly forest aesthetic. Pictures of pretty looking forests and mga hayop everywhere. Plants here and there. "Soft"-grey/blue-ish looking pictures. Often reflects about human beings and existence.

Odette: A mix between Sinderella and Aurora's, an elegant "classy" blog. Filled with pictures of "elegant" things like pianos, gowns or ballet. mga tula here and there. Often comments about her goofy but loving fiancee.

Aisling: Forest aesthetic, a lot of pictures of deers and wolves, and a lot of commentary surrounding stones/mythology and such. A lot of things about Ireland/Irish culture as well.

Anastasia: Travel blog, writes adventure stories from time to time, and lots of pictures of Pooka.

Yum-Yum: Jewelry, flowers, and crotchet/sewing-knitting things. Pictures of Bagdad landscapes as well.

Brendan- Travel blog, Pagsulat blog (often writes about his experiences and the studies he makes of mythology) and of course Irish culture/landscapes.
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pagkabata animado pelikula pangunahing tauhan babae Sagot

AudreyFreak said:
Sally: Sewing projects, potion recipes, song lyrics that remind her of Jack, pangkalahatang dark with lots of cute touches, like black cat pics, autumn pics, etc.

Crysta: Lots of nature photos, pro-environmental messages, travel photos, posts about human culture like music, exotic mga hayop doing funny things in vines.

Honey Lemon: Lots of fashion, recipes, life hacks, occasionally female scientists reblogged, lots of pastels.

Gogo: Dark aesthetic, lots of cars, those posts of short sassy one-liners over a black background.

Vanellope: Sassy gifs, cars, food, pastels, follows Gogo.

Jane Porter: Posts lots of her own art, animal pics, ultrafacts about wildlife, occasionally mga litrato of London, pangkalahatang a Victorian aesthetic.

Emily: Dark Victorian theme, lots of mga tula and song lyrics, lots of light gothic stuff, sad scenes from old romance pelikula reblogged a lot.

Wendy: Fairy tale illustrations, fairy art, inspirational mga panipi about family, cute pictures of kids.
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