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This is my first artikulo on this spot so I decided to start with my paborito animated females. Most of them are from Disney because I didn't grew up with so many non Disney movies. I include all kinds of females so that means sidekicks, animals, villains and main characters.

20. Sinderella (Cinderella)

I pag-ibig her because she's so faithful and because she managed to stay positive despite having to work so hard for her stepmother and stepsisters. But my biggest problem with her is that sometimes it looks like she's just standing without doing anything, like when her stepsisters yelled at her for letting Gus into their bedroom, she could have at least moved away. But pangkalahatang she's a very sweet character.

19. Rapunzel (Tangled)

I used to have her in my tuktok 5 paborito DP, but now she's 6th, but I still pag-ibig her though. I pag-ibig her because she's so creative, I mean come on, she did so much in the tower when Mother Gothel wasn't there. I pag-ibig her so much in the end, she shows that she don't want to be taken care sa pamamagitan ng Mother Gothel, but in the beginning she's not that same interesting though I like that she's a bit naive.

18. Fiona (Shrek)

I need to rewatch all the Shrek pelikula because I pag-ibig them so much especially because of Fiona. When I first saw it I thought she was going to sing, but nope, compared to many other princesses she dosen't sing. I pag-ibig her because she first looks like she needs to be rescued sa pamamagitan ng a prince, but then she wants to return to the tower and wait for her true love. But as the movie goes on (the first movie in case you're wondering) she seems to like Shrek and decides to marry him. She's pretty cool in the other pelikula too, especially in the 4th movie, what happened to her was my first thought? But I'll always like her the best in the 1st movie.

17. Dory (Finding Nemo)

This is in my opinion one of the most underrated animated females. I pag-ibig her because she's so hilarious especially in that scene where she tries to speak whale, how can you not laugh at that point? I can also relate to her because I also feel like I have short memory sometimes and can pretty easily forget things. I also pag-ibig how she's so caring in the end, she acts almost like a mother there.

16. Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

Even though she's so low here, she's my 5th paborito DP. Anyways I pag-ibig her because she sticks out from the others in her village with that she reads books. I pag-ibig how she handles Gaston in that scene where he tries to propose to her. I also pag-ibig how she stands up to the Beast, I would easily not see the beauty in him like Belle did, at least not that fast. pangkalahatang a character that deserves the pag-ibig she gets.

15. Nala (The Lion King)

I prefer her as a child, she's so hilarious, but I like her as an adult too. I pag-ibig how it first looks like she dosen't like Simba, but than she discovers that it was her childhood friend. I also pag-ibig her because she's so sweet, but is also ready to get Simba back to Pride Rock no matter if he wants to or not.

14. Vixie (The soro and the Hound)

She may have had very little screentime, but I pag-ibig her so much, mainly because she's so sweet and how she laughs at Tod when he tries to catch a isda and how she shows Tod around the forest and always laughs. It sucks that she's so underrated, I think she's a great character, but I need to rewatch The soro and the Hound.

13. Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

I always loved her so much when I was a child and I still do. I pag-ibig her because of her imatinations, she belives that there's another world out there somewhere. I also pag-ibig how curious she is when she's in Wonderland, but I also like that even though it sounds like fun, it can get a bit annoying for her with all the mad people she meets.

12. Odette (The sisne Princess)

This is my paborito non Disney girl if you're not counting villains cause then there's one that wins over her. Anyways, I pag-ibig her because of how she stands up for this villain (can't remember his name, haven't seen the movie for quite sometime XD) and how bravo and sweet she is. I also pag-ibig this line: "Is beauty all that matters to you" because she shows that she dosen't want to be pag-ibig just because she's beautiful, but also because of her personality. This is based on the first movie, but I also pag-ibig her in the segundo movie because she goes out to the fields to help the people there after a apoy came to there.

11. The Evil reyna (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

My paborito Disney villain. I pag-ibig her because she's so evil, I mean she wants to kill her stepdaughter just because she's prettier than her. I prefer her as a hag because she has some really scary, but sometimes really funny lines, my paborito line is probably "Thirsty? Have a drink" it makes me laugh all the time XD

10. Eris (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas)

My paborito villain of all time, I pag-ibig her because she's so cruel, but also quite gorgeous. I also pag-ibig that she dresses herself up as Sinbad in the beginning of the movie to make the guards believe that it's Sinbad that estola the book. Anyways, she's the best villain ever.

9. Jane (Tarzan)

I pag-ibig her because she's so hilarious, but I also pag-ibig how curious she is about the jungle. I also pag-ibig that she shows so much through her emotions and her personality is very interesting.

8. Lady (Lady and the Tramp)

I pag-ibig her because she's so cute, but also very funny especially when she's waking up Jim Darling despite it being Sunday. I like that she's a bit shy when she and Tramp visit Tony. I also pag-ibig her because when Jim and his wife came tahanan she barks like she's telling them to follow her and she shows them the daga and Aunt Sarah first thinks that she shouldn't have barked when she had a good reason for it.

7. Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)

I think she needs madami attention because she's so realistic, she works so hard to make her dream come true, she dosen't wait for her dream to come true, she dosen't wish upon a star. I actually think she's okay as a frog though I like her better as a human.

6. Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

I used to hate her, but now I really pag-ibig her because I can relate to her especially with the relationship with her father. I also pag-ibig her because she wants to do everything to become human. I also pag-ibig her because she's so hilarious especially when she uses the fork to brush her hair and all the others looks at her and she's like: Um, what's wrong with me? I'm just using a dinglehopper to brush my hair, isn't that what you use to fix your hair?

5. Marie (The AristoCats)

I used to pag-ibig her a lot when I was a child and I still pag-ibig her a lot. Who dosen't remember her lines especially this one "Because I'm a lady, that's why"? I mean for being a child she acts like an adult kinda like a mother to her brothers, but she still acts like a child. I do like Duchess too, but she's not close at all to Marie.

4. Maid Marian (Robin Hood)

I've loved her ever since I first saw the movie (which I haven't seen in a long time XD) and I still do. First of all she's so sweet, segundo I pag-ibig how caring she is. And she isn't scared to tell Prince John that she loves Robin Hood, if I where her I wouldn't tell him that. pangkalahatang a really interesting character.

3. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

She may have only 18 minutos of screentime, but during that little time she interests me mainly because of her looks, but also because of her personality that reminds me of my own. I pag-ibig how dreamy she is and because of how gracefully she dances, she's one of the best Disney dancers, I wished I could dance as good as she can.

2. Faline (Bambi)

Another underrated female character that needs madami attention. I pag-ibig her energy that she has when she's a child, she's so happy, but she still tries to make Bambi fall for her. She's so funny too and I pag-ibig that she breaks the trend that the boy makes the girl fall in pag-ibig with him (some people say that was Ariel, but that's not true) here it's Faline that takes the first step, I wished I could be like her. Also she's one of the cutest animated female characters ever.

1. Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

When I saw the movie in school when I was almost 13 I fell for her as soon as she appeared on the screen and after that I couldn't wait to see madami of her and since that araw I've been in pag-ibig with her, for those who don't know it I have a crush on her since that day. Anyways, I pag-ibig her because she's so positive even after she almost was killed sa pamamagitan ng the huntsman. I also pag-ibig her because even though she's quite naive she still acts like a mother, I would do anything to have a mother like her. My personality is very similar to hers so when people are describing my personality I think that they're describing Snow White too. I also pag-ibig how she tries to make Grumpy pag-ibig her, she never gives up and manages in the end. She'll always be my number 1, she's such a sweetheart.

So that's my list, please comment and tell me what you think!
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I saw other artikulo with tha same topic and I don't agree with. I think meg is beautifiul and many artikulo didn't even include her. Also I saw an artikulo saying that the thought jessica was the hottest, but not be mean I find her kinda ugly. So here's my listahan of the prettiest animated characters in my opinion(by the way i'm a girl)I've never seen princess and the frog but when I saw pictures of tiana and charlotte I thought they were pretty so I had to add them here.









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While I've never been one to spend hours thinking about who is the most beautiful character ever, I do admit I have my favorites in terms of beauty. I might have done this list, but I'd prefer to do it now again now that I've got my favorites cleared out. I add things like likability and personality aside from physical beauty in terms of how beautiful I find the character.

Most of these choices are in between conventional and unconventional, but it's mostly into what I personally find attractive. Remember that this listahan is subjective and it's all my opinion, so don't get mad if your faves aren't...
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I've been planning to do this artikulo for months and now I've finally gotten to do this. I'm not going to talk about this as much as I do most articles. I'm going to include all characters who are voiced sa pamamagitan ng the same person, except for one exception but we'll get to the reason for that later. I will also be giving a link to the character pag-awit in case you haven't seen the movie. Please comment on what you think, enjoy.

15.Angel(Lady and The Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure)
 Susan Egan
Susan Egan
I really do pag-ibig her voice, it's not as good as Scamp and Lady's voices in the movie but still really good. I...
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Welcome to my third movie review but this one will be different from my last two. My first review was of Quest For Camelot, which hardly anyone nagkomento on after I worked HARD on it. Anyway in that review I talked about the movie's problems but that it shouldn't get the criticisms it gets, especially when other pelikula do similar things but people don't mind. pangkalahatang it was a great movie with an amazing, well-developed, and totally kicka** protagonist, lovely animation, incredible songs, and some funny comedy. I will admit it could have been better but for what it is it's still really great....
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