This wasn't an easy artikulo to write. Since, I'm not much of writer to begin with, also my tastes are always changing. I know my listahan is... um... "different" to say the least. In fact some might say it's down right WEIRD. As I'm sure you've noticed, I'm not really into the "classic" and "popular" characters. Anyway hope you find my favorites interesting.

#10 Lightening McQueen and Sally
They're one of the most complex, and interesting Pixar couples, in my opinion. I pag-ibig how he's a rich city boy without a care and she a girl who ran away to country to get away from guys like him. She teaches him to think of others, and he teaches her how to have fun.

#9 Jack Skellington and Sally
(The Nightmare Before Christmas)
Deffinetly the darkest couple on my list. I like how their situations are different yet very much the same. He's the town hero and celebrity. She's a slave in her own home. Both of them feel very trapped, and can relate to each other.

#8 Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny
(Space Jam)
The only non-Disney/Pixar couple here. I've always felt like most of the non-Disney pag-ibig stories are very generic. puwang siksikan escaped that, only because it wasn't a "romance" story. I think it's funny how he goes crazy over her and tries to charm and baby her with pet names like "doll", but she doesn't do pet names. It makes me laugh ever time.

#7 Quasimodo and Madellaine
(The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2)
They maybe outcasts in the movie but they're one of the few "normal" couples on my list. I think they're one of the madami complex sequel couples. And I also like that their relationship shows that you don't have to be beautiful to find true love. I think everyone can relate to them in some way.

#6 Max Goof and Roxanne
(A Goofy Movie)
They're a very unique teen couple. I like that they're shown as fairly realistic teenagers. He's worried about impressing her, and embarrassed sa pamamagitan ng his father. She wants him to notice her. But they're not nearly as single minded as a lot of the teens or young couples shown on TV today. They actually have an interest outside of getting the girl/boy.

#5 Snow White and The Prince
(Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
SURPRISE! It's a Disney Princess couple, and the only one on the list. Obviously I'm not a big tagahanga of the "classics", but I've always liked them. They've just always seemed so cute togather, and like they really belong with each other.

#4 Donald pato and uri ng bulaklak Duck
(various cartoons)
Not exactly a "match made in heaven". They tend to fight and yell at lot. Yet they still keep dating despite all they're disputes. That's always been part of what makes a very unique and interesting couple, to me. It's very different to see a couple like them that argues a lot, rather than the typical "flowers and sunshine" couples that alway get along. And watching them fight is pretty funny.

#3 Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head
(Toy Story 2)
Deffinetly the best and funniest Pixar couple in my opinion. I've always thought it's funny that they behave just like an old married couple. Very grumpy on the surface, yet deep down they really pag-ibig each other.

#2 Fix-It-Felix and Sargeant Calhoun
It's a, not so classic, case of oppisites attract. I pag-ibig how they're so different on many levels. He's a little prissy wimpy guy from an old retro game. She's a tough military girl from a modern violent game. The interact between them is hilarious.

#1. Mickey mouse and Minnie Mouse
(various cartoons)
The best animated couple in my opinion. I pag-ibig them in every era, in almost everyone of they're shows. I think that Disney has done a good job changing and modernizing them through the decades. I think their personalities are good matches, and that they complete each other. He's adventurous and happy-go-lucky. She's a little madami uptight, and believes work comes before play. Also I think it's really cute when he acts heroic and saves her.

#10 The City Boy & Country Girl
#9 Monster pag-ibig
#8 The Looney Tune mga manliligaw
#7 The Odd Couple
#6 The Teenage Couple
#5 The Disney Princess Couple
#4 The Angry pag-ibig Birds
#3 The Old Married Couple
#2 Oppisites Attract
#1 The Classic Couple